Your Best Guide to a Vehicle Leasing and Maintenance Package: What’s in it for You?

Car leasing has become a more popular option for many, and this is hardly a surprise considering the benefits it brings. For one, car leasing allows you to save money on the initial down payment for a vehicle; since you are not buying the vehicle outright, you only have to pay a one-time deposit, which comes with lower monthly fees compared to buying a car. The car leasing arrangement also allows you to use a great car – one, perhaps, that you’ve always dreamed of driving around but are hesitant to buy because of its high cost. But with car leasing, you can drive around in your dream car for a few years, and when those few years are done, you can take the car back and replace it with a new model. But if you are opting for car leasing, you have the option to get a maintenance package along with it as well. If you are wondering what car leasing with maintenance deals can do for you, here’s your best guide.

The basics on leases with vehicle maintenance

As mentioned, you have a choice of leasing a vehicle along with a maintenance package, and the maintenance coverage is an add-on which usually gives your car coverage for servicing, normal repairs, assistance in case of accidents, and breakdown cover.

A car lease deal with maintenance costs included will vary; there is no standard price for the package, and it will often depend on the vehicle you choose, how long you are leasing it, and your annual limit for mileage. It can, however, give you good value over a period of time because you are dealing with a fixed fee that allows you to manage your finances more easily.

What you can expect from it

Here’s a list of the standard inclusions of a car lease with a maintenance package, although the package inclusions will also depend on the contract hire and leasing specialist you choose.

  • Vehicle servicing

When you lease, you are essentially promising to maintain the vehicle’s condition in line with the recommendations of the manufacturer. But with a maintenance deal, you can be assured that all the servicing for your car is included. A lot of drivers prefer this because it doesn’t just take care of the cost of servicing, but it also takes away the stress often associated with servicing.

  • The tyres

In some car lease and maintenance agreements, the provider can also take care of the tyres of your vehicle. The miles you use up every year will affect the tyres’ condition, although a low-mileage driver will be less likely to have their tyres worn out. But there is still a chance that you may have to replace your tyres at some point, and with some car maintenance packages, you can have the tyres replaced as soon as you discover the first signs of wear and tear.

There may be other inclusions in car leasing with maintenance deals, such as oil changes, brake pad replacement, a recovery service for breakdowns that come with 24-hour assistance, MOT testing, and more. When choosing a deal, make it a point to confirm all the inclusions with your provider so you know what you are acquiring from the start.