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YouTube promotions. Get your first million fast!

Youtube Marketing - How Can Video Advertising Help Your Business?

A “100 Million Club” is the unofficial name of the group of YouTube channels that have more than 100 million followers. Such channels are insanely popular, they get tons of views, likes, comments, and their owners make millions of dollars. And nowadays YouTube has become the new television, the main source of entertainment and good mood.

Just check your phone, how many hours you spend daily on YouTube? An hour? Two hours? 10 hours? No other media can beat that. And all the videos on YouTube get a huge potential for coverage and engagement right from the start.

YouTube gives all people the chance to show their creativity, or at least to choose what they want to watch. And despite the fact that the cost of success on YouTube is high, it can be lowered with clever YouTube promotion.

So, let’s talk about a career on YouTube

Let’s talk about some numbers and read some stories. Let’s take PewDiePie for example. The man has spent more than 10 years growing to one of the biggest channels on YouTube. Fantastic work, new fresh vision, and creative serving of the content – that’s what brought him to success.

On the other half, we can remember T-series or Cocomelon – two channels that used bots to gain subscribers. And we see here two approaches – hard work, or buying bots.

Which way to choose? What route to take?

Well, you can do neither of them. There is now a third way – through promotion. YouTube promotion is different from what you’ve pictured in mind. It is a much more complex and difficult process.

However, for you, it is just a few clicks of a mouse. How do these promotion services manage to provide so many fresh followers? Well, it’s all about positioning and using unusual approaches, like blogs, podcasts, mentioned in media, or partnerships with other channels.

Think of promotion like a little ace in your sleeve, that will help you get noticed. And there are no limitations to your content with promotion. You can still do anything you want and still get likes, comments, subscribers.

What will promotion give you, except for coverage and a bigger audience? It will give you income. In a form of royalties. If you have many views, you get money for each view. So, if you pay for the promotion, it might as well be paid back in full faster than the promotion result will be achieved.

So it is also a good investment. And as you know, YouTube royalties are high, and successful YouTubers have a decent life, nice cars, and a variety of areas of interest to explore. So, try your luck with the promotion.