Yubo – The Social Network that Stands Out as a Hit Among 15-20-Year-Olds

Often wrongfully branded a ‘Tinder for Teens’, the social media platform Yubo is making a huge comeback as the go-to app for Gen-Z users in search of togetherness during these uncertain times. For them, if the recent crisis has revealed anything, it’s that traditional social network models – which tend to emphasise performance over authenticity – are not the best place for making new friends in a meaningful way. The friendly meeting app Yubo is all about hanging out with the friendly few rather than performing for the unknown many. Let’s find out how it works and why teens love it so much.

Yubo: The Friendly Meeting Social Network

The Yubo philosophy appeals to one of our most basic needs as humans: coming together and just having a good time while being ourselves. The app purposefully adopts a ‘no pressure’ approach focusing on complete freedom for its young users. The social media platform matches users based on their age group. This means that those under 18 get to interact within a safe space where they can explore and expand, or just be, following their own rules and their own aspirations.

Social networks often cultivate the notion that, in order to use their platform, you have to have something concrete to share. And it had better be beautiful, creative, inspiring, quirky, or otherwise engaging. Those who veer away from this model simply don’t get new followers or the ‘likes’ that serve as validation. Such unhealthy pressure may have caught on amongst Millennials, but younger people don’t feel at home within this demanding social paradigm.

A Healthier Business Model for a Truly User-Oriented Experience

Bringing down the notion that a social media platform should capitalise its users, Yubo relies on data to improve user experience rather than to captivate their attention. This user-enabled model generates revenue through engagement, doing away with sales-based templates. Prioritising participation over performance, the friendly meeting app believes in promoting conversation, not content consumption. It invites young people to take part in others’ activities in the form of public ‘lives’ anyone (within the appropriate age group) can opt-in and out of freely. Much as they would do offline, they can join a conversation that sounds interesting and leave whenever they decide, no strings attached. They get to share their excitement, to make new friends, or simply to hang out, be bored together rather than alone, have random, unstructured chats… With the power of a global social network to support their exchanges, they can explore the infinite potential of worldwide, real-time interactions on their own terms.

What do Gen-Z Love about Yubo?

User reviews are unanimous: They all love that Yubo lets them make new friends the old-fashioned way while integrating the full power of the technology that plays such a central part in their everyday life.

The friendly meeting app also appeals to those with a shy personality who find offline interactions to be a little challenging. Yubo promotes openness and freedom. It is designed to ensure users feel no awkwardness whether they decide to join or to leave a conversation. Breaking away from the social ‘media’ mindset, Yubo acknowledges that the younger generation sees the online world as a social ‘space’ and needs an app that reflects this hugely significant shift.

The app’s swipe functionality has some comparing it with Tinder because users are presented with profiles that they can either like or swipe away. If they receive a like back, they can exchange private messages. Yubo, however, is much more than that and puts the emphasis on joining in rather than on hooking up. Intended to provide an agenda-free space where youths can get together, the app even partnered with a psychologist when designing its environment.

Some Yubo-ers enjoy using the app to host random live sessions and share whatever they feel like with the world. Others have found it particularly useful in these times of social distancing to staying in touch with their friends, do their homework together, play video games, or simply hang out, streaming their day-to-day.

What makes this social network truly shine is the immense diversity of its users. From a very active LGBT community to groups who share an interest in music, gaming, manga, make-up, and anything else you might think of, there’s no shortage of amazing people to meet. Yubo also focuses on the security of its young users, with powerful algorithms keeping watch over the topics they discuss and alerting moderators if nudity or any otherwise inappropriate behaviour is suspected.

Yubo-ers Want to Just Yubo

Without labels, without pressure to perform, without being influenced by older generations, youths want a space for themselves, to be themselves. Bringing together the offline and the online worlds, the friendly meeting app draws its inspiration from those who know how to have fun!