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10 gadgets that won’t let you down

Technology allows us to enjoy original and practical gadgets that give us comfort and convenience in our day to day in all kinds of situations: to cook, clean, manage the home, take better advantage of the functionality of our mobile phone and much more. These devices can provide quality of life and enjoyment; we have ten of them that anyone will appreciate in their routine and leisure time. And they can be ideal gifts to surprise someone or the whim that you were waiting for so long.


This kitchen robot will allow you to cook for 6 people and will be your great ally in meetings of friends and family

The kitchen robots are great allies to facilitate life at the time of eating and to prepare your favorite dishes. A kitchen robot is perfect for cooking for up to 6 people and is full of accessories for chopping, crushing, kneading, stewing and making healthy preparations thanks to the steamer it incorporates, among other available functions. It has a free application and a Bluetooth connection that allows access to all kinds of recipes, so you always know the ingredients you need wherever you are. Go for a more basic kitchen robot but full of features, so you don’t complicate the whole thing.

And if you want a cheaper model, go for a robot that has 45 cooking programs, 5 liters of capacity with which to make recipes for up to four people, and you can program it in a temporary space of up to 24 hours.


If you want to gain a lifetime and not worry about cleaning the floors, vacuum robots are the solution. This has an intelligent navigation system that allows you to clean the entire home following automatic, fast and efficient routes. You just have to activate it or program it, and it can sweep, pass the mop and even scrub the floor. A gadget to enjoy the comfort and convenience of not having to take the mop anymore.

Bluetooth Tracker

A Bluetooth tracker is one of the few devices that never go out of use. You can use it for literally everything. It can easily be connected to your smartphone, and you can track anyone at any time. It works great for people who have small kids and want to keep an eye on them even when they are busy doing other things.


Save by letting a power bank be charged with solar energy and recharge your smartphone up to 8 times. Smartphones are commonly used, and it is common to run out of battery power when we are not at home. To solve that, power banks or portable batteries are a very practical solution. With them, you can charge not only mobile phones but also tablets, cameras and other devices. On Amazon, they sell a 26,800 mAh that you can recharge with solar energy so you never run out of battery because you can practically charge an iPhone up to 8 times thanks to its capacity and up to 3 devices at once.

Get yourself a state-of-the-art power bank which is on sale. Make sure it offers wireless charging. You just have to place the phone on top and let the magnetic connection do it all.


The Amazon Echo Dot speaker has a microphone that will listen to you, even in different rooms. With these gadgets, you can control many things in your home just by using your voice. Listen to music, calls; know the weather. Amazon’s Echo Dot is one of those that is in fashion after having recently arrived with support updates. With this you can handle smart devices that work with Alexa such as lights, thermostats or televisions, for example, and make use of applications that allow you, for example, to play the news or to ask at home.

Shower speaker

Listen to your music or radio in the shower and do not worry about wetting this speaker. Do you want to listen to music in the shower with the highest quality? The solution is a waterproof speaker with which you can listen to 30 stations or connect your tablet, smartphone or computer via Bluetooth to play your music. It has an LED screen and a built-in microphone so you can even make phone calls. All this with a sharp and strong sound thanks to its 3W of power. And you can also use it on your pool days.


With an original gadget, you can see everything much better on your mobile phone. If you want to watch videos on your mobiles such as movies, series or content from YouTube and other social networks, this amplifier will make the screen increase in size, and you can enjoy them with more quality. You can get it from 8 inches – it is cheap, practical and portable so you can carry it over and use it wherever you want with ease. It consists of a fiberglass and acrylic lens that guarantee a good image quality by amplifying the image seen on the smartphone.


You can use its light to no longer suffer from the darkness when you want to look in the mirror, and you can also charge your smartphone with it. When you are away from home, you may need to use a portable mirror, and if you are in a place with poor lighting or at night, you will not be able to use it comfortably. To avoid these problems, light mirrors on Amazon are the solution. They light up, so you see much better and also have a magnifying mirror x3. It usually works like a 1,600 mAh portable battery that allows you to charge your phone, tablet or device thanks to its USB port. And they are also available in different designs that are original, fun and unique.


Stabilize all your photos and videos with this device with which you can zoom, pan and more. When you want to record videos with your mobile, you can bet on a stabilizer that turns your smartphone into practically a smart camera. Avoid shaking and stabilize the image. In addition, it has a slider with which to zoom progressively and improve the results, as well as you can scroll to make quality panoramas. With it, you can get high-quality recordings that will be ideal to have as a memory, for example, of trips or events and even take plans of a true professional if what you like is audiovisual art. Here is a review on one of the cool gadgets that won’t let you down.


With these gadgets, you will certainly never regret spending money as they will always come handy for you at some point. Avoid buying gadgets that would just sit around a corner in your home and the ones that you never find useful.

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