11 Reasons Why You Should Start Learning Chinese

Whether you want to learn Chinese to improve your social skills, expand your business venture, or discover the fascinating culture behind the Chinese language, you will have the chance to learn all of these with the courses offered by Linda Mandarin.

If you are still looking for reasons why you should start learning the Chinese language, here are some of the notable reasons to kickstart your language learning journey.

1. More than a billion people speak Chinese. According to Ethnologue, there are 1.3 billion native speakers of Chinese, making it one of the most spoken languages in the world. One in six people in the world speak Chinese; therefore, you will be able to connect with many people in one language!

2. Chinese speakers are everywhere. The Chinese language is not only spoken in Mainland China. In fact, Chinese is an official language in Taiwan and Singapore. And Chinese is widely spoken in different communities all around the globe.

Learning a language that many people around the world widely speak means you can form friendships and connections with many people.

3. Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of China. A greater understanding of the language automatically includes learning about the history and culture of the country from which the language originated.

If you are a history buff, then you should consider learning the Chinese language for its rich history and culture.

You will be able to browse through a number of books and watch films that showcase the history of China.

4. Learning Mandarin is good for your business ventures. The country of China has a large nominal GDP following the United States, making it the second-largest economy in the world.

Learning Chinese to grow your business venture allows you to communicate among worldwide businesses. So if you desire to gain a competitive advantage in the business industry, learning Chinese will set you apart from other competitors.

5. Mandarin Chinese has relatively uncomplicated grammar. Free yourself from the complex grammatical rules of other languages like English, French, and German by learning Chinese as your second language.

Chinese has no verb conjugations, gender and noun distinctions, and plurals, which means that you would not have to worry about memorizing these rules. According to this article, native English speakers can learn Mandarin easily because of its similarity with English yet with simple sentence structure.

6. Boost your brainpower. Research suggests that learning Mandarin Chinese boosts your brainpower by utilizing both sides of the brain to comprehend the language compared to English language speakers who only need to use one side of their brain.

Learning the Chinese language stimulates different parts of the brain because of the complexity of the language, which consists of the sound, tone, and script.

7. Channel your artistic skills. Aside from the stimulation of the brain caused by tonal distinctions of the Chinese language, you can also improve your artistic skills by learning how to write the characters.

It aids in developing your motor skills through learning the shapes and strokes of Chinese characters and your visual identification of the said characters.

8. Gain confidence in traveling to beautiful countries. If you enjoy traveling and visiting beautiful countries, make sure to equip yourself with a language that will allow you to communicate with the locals.

Learning Chinese will lead you to many wonders of the world because you will be able to communicate with the locals and immerse yourself in mesmerizing countries.

Being able to speak a language spoken by many people means that you would not have to worry about communication barriers, and you will gain confidence to visit unfamiliar places.

9. Improves your memorization skills. Learning a new language can be a daunting task, and you will experience the ups and downs of learning unfamiliar words and grammar rules.

A study suggests that learning to read and write Chinese characters for non-native speakers helps increase your memory through the distinction of its visual forms.

10. Open yourself up to more career opportunities. If you are looking to grow your career, learning a second language gives you more opportunities to pursue a fulfilling career.

Choosing Chinese as a second language opens you to more career opportunities because international businesses prefer to hire people who speak multiple languages and China has become a growing economy in the business world.

11. Break language barriers. The most important reason of all is breaking language barriers that bar you from communicating with people across the world.

Learning Mandarin Chinese will not only give you the ability to speak and understand the language but you will also have a glimpse of one’s culture and linguistic background.

Studying a second language promotes diversity and unifies people of different nationalities.


Learning Chinese as a second language opens you up to more opportunities and gives you a chance to appreciate the diverse cultures of the world. There are a lot of benefits in learning the Chinese language that would improve your individual and social abilities.