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2 Reasons Why Customers Trust Online Reviews?

Online customer reviews play an essential role in running your business. According to an estimate, it is reported that 91% of the people read online reviews occasionally or regularly. 84% of them trust as a personal recommendation. Online surveys allow the customer to make their decision quickly. Ahjoo Reviews Website will help you to tell the main reasons on trusting online reviews.

It is generally seen that unhappy customer leaves some negative comments. The customer who receives excellent service always leave positive feedback. But sometimes the people think that which point is wrong and which is correct, why the customer has commented about such kind of bad review.

Why Do Customers Trust Online Reviews?

There is no exact knowledge of why customers trust online reviews. Their psychology doesn’t allow us to make the correct decision, but here are two main reasons by which the customers believe online reviews.

They want transparency:

In shopper’s eye. The customer always wants clarity from the local business. Every person wants to know the exact information o the product before purchasing. Many people feel risky to shop from an unfamiliar website.

So the main reason is the customers want to get more knowledge from the reviews to make the shopping more enjoyable. People always trust online reviews if your business is very transparent.

Now the tools have been developed to avoid the unsatisfaction of the customers. So the transparency of the business is essential to boost the business. People always notice this point on first.

People rely on the options of others:

So, although customers trust the reviews themselves, they put more trust in the reviewers because they know that they’re just trying to help them make the best purchase decision.

The other reason for trusting online reviews is that the customers rely on others to influence what they should do. In the term of studies, people easily trust the stranger because they see that review as a peer.

To understand this point quickly, here is an interesting example. Someone ask the review of a newly open restaurant. If the people say the wrong thing about it, the person will avoid it, but if the people say that the service was excellent and the taste is fantastic, he will like to go there.

Do Customers Always Trust Reviews?

Of course not. The reason is that some reviews are fake, unreasonable, and undetailed. But 91% of the people indeed trust online reviews. 9% of the people are pretty skeptical regarding online reviews.

It is also reported that about 25% of people need to believe that the reviews are authentic and trustworthy. It is also interesting that some people see bad reviews, but they think in the company.


It is impossible to know why the customers trust online reviews, but these two main reasons are considered as valid. They always believe in gaining transparency and invalidating the purchasing decision

It is essential to encourage a happy customer. Moreover, there is a great need to respond to negative reviewers promptly. In this way, the customers will trust your business.