2020 MMA Game Series: Odds Preview Of Upcoming Matches This Weekend

Like other sporting tournaments, MMA is severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The games that were set to start in April and May got postponed, which immensely disappointed fans. However, MMA will bounce back big this June. Many matches are coming up not only to the delight of the players but also bettors who are waiting to wager this game season.

As we enter the second week of June, MMA fighters are getting tuned up to head on to a closed-door fight on June 13, 2020. In fact, nine MMA games are going to occur on the said day, allowing bettors to wager as early as now. The games will turn out to be exciting as players have been waiting long enough to face against each other.

Therefore, here are the most updated matches and odds for the upcoming MMA fight this weekend. It will provide you with a clear representation of their current odds value so you can partake in online betting with Fanduel while staying inside for home quarantine.

Marvin Vettori (-178) V.S. Karl Roberson (+150)

The first MMA match this week is between Marvin Vettori and Karl Roberson. Vettori will take the favorite’s odds, which is -178. He also has a total record of 14 wins and four losses. On the other hand, Karl Roberson will take the underdog spot, holding a current odds value of +150. Roberson has a record of 9 wins and two losses.

Julia Avila (-330) V.S. Karol Rosa (+250)

Taking the second game is Julia Avila versus Karol Rosa. Avila has a current odds value of -330, which means she takes the favorites vote. Moreover, this player has recorded a total of 7 wins and one loss. Meanwhile, Karol Rosa takes the underdogs vote, which has a value of  +250. Rosa currently holds a record of 12 wins and no loss.

Ariane Lipski (-146) V.S. Luana Carolina (+124)

Ariane Lipski is a Brazilian MMA fighter who currently holds a record of 12 wins and five losses. She will wrestle next weekend, getting the favorites odds value of -146. On the contrary, Luana Carolina is taking the underdogs vote, with +124 odds value. Carolina has a total MMA career record of 6 wins and one loss.

Jordan Espinosa (-160) V.S. Mark De La Rosa (+130)

Jordan Espinosa, an American MMA fighter, will vie against Mark De La Rosa this weekend. Currently holding 14 wins and seven losses, Espinosa will take the favorites odds value of -160. On the one hand, Mark De La Rosa will keep the underdog’s odds value of +130. He currently holds 11 wins and four losses.

Mariya Agapova (-230) V.S. Melissa Gatto (+184)

Another classic MMA match up to look forward to this weekend is between Maria Agapova and Melissa Gatto. Agapova, who holds a record of 8 wins and one loss, takes the favorites odds value of -230.  On the other hand, Melissa Gatto will get the underdog’s odds value of +184. Gatto has an MMA record of 6 wins and no loss.

Ryan Benoit (-120) V.S. Tyson Nam (+102)

Ryan Benoit and Tyson Nam will also battle it out this weekend on the MMA stage. Benoit will get the favorites odds value of -120 and has a total of 10 wins and six losses. Tyson Nam, on the other hand, will get the underdogs odds of +102. Nam currently holds an MMA record of 18 wins and 11 losses.

Andre Fili (-230) V.S. Charles Jourdain (+184)

Andre Fili, an American MMA fighter, will wrestle against Charles Jourdain, a Canadian MMA fighter, this weekend. With a current record of 20 wins and seven losses, Fili will take the favorites odds value of -230. Jourdain takes the underdog odds value of +184 and has a total MMA record of 10 wins and two losses.

Jessica Eye (-110) V.S. Cynthia Calvillo (-110)

Taking the last MMA match this weekend is Jessica Eye and Cynthia Calvillo. Both of these players got a tie odds value, and neither is the favorite nor the underdog.  Jessica Eye is an American MMA fighter who tallied a total of 15 wins and seven losses. On the other hand, Cynthia Calvillo, who is also an American MMA player, recorded eight wins and one loss throughout her career.


MMA is a sport based on grappling, ground fighting, and striking. Players are trained in various martial arts forms and fight inside the cage with several governing rules to follow. It’s a sport for both male and female enthusiasts interested in learning martial arts. As the MMA tournament progresses this month, fans and bettors can expect a series of classic matches every weekend. If you want to take part in betting, the list of matches above is the upcoming games you can expect to settle on this weekend.