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3 Low-Cost Ways to Promote Your Business

A small business requires time, effort, and money. According to researchers at Ithaca College, one of the most important aspects of business success is to save as much money as possible to spend on marketing. Theoretically, when a small business uses the right promotions and advertising, it can excel. Although there are so many things to consider when starting a business, brand awareness is one of the most crucial, as gaining more consumers is impossible without visibility. The following are three low-cost ways to promote your small business.

Social media

Social media offers businesses the power to reach an array of people from diverse backgrounds. Starting a page or profile on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can help a business gain more attention, and appeal to niche markets through interactive campaigns like online giveaways. Whether it’s polls or through simple interactions with the target audience through posts and entertaining content, engagement should always be at the forefront of all social media efforts.

Furthermore, your potential consumers will be able to turn on notifications that alert them when you make a new post. For example, if you decide to offer a discount on a product or service, you will be able to notify your followers and in turn, possibly increase your sales. If posting sales sounds boring, you can always market your product or service through an advertisement on a social media platform. Facebook ads are both cost-effective and reach a niche audience. They are easy to create and to maintain, meaning your business can grow with minimal effort at a very low-cost.


Fifty percent of all US homes listen to podcasts. With this kind of reach, all you have to do is share your brand in a fun, tailored message with your audience. If hosting a podcast is not desirable, you can always advertise on an existing podcast or on the radio. Radio advertising, although seemingly outdated, is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising with an astonishing reach of over 90 percent of Americans listening every week. Radio advertising reaches people from multiple demographics and environments, and enables a deeper form of trust than many other forms of advertising. A simple visit or call to a local radio station may increase visibility in the community, promoting your business as a trusted, known establishment.

Meeting customers in the real world

Organic, face-to-face communication is the epitome of cost-effective business promotion. A good conversation, a firm handshake, and personalized items such as promotional pens have the potential to exponentially increase brand awareness, integrity, and growth. Speaking to an individual in an organic environment promotes a sense of trust which is, at times, one of the most important aspects of a growing business. When consumers are loyal to your brand, your business has the capability to grow through word-of-mouth and other consumer-based marketing strategies.

It is up to you to choose how to promote your business, but with so many cost-effective ways to do so, growth is inevitable. Whether it is advertising online through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook or meeting someone face-to-face, in the modern age of business promotion, there is an advertising tactic for each individual. While certain types of business promotion require a high-level of effort and outrageous costs, there are always affordable and reasonable ways to promote a business and connect with your consumer base.