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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Online Video Converters

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With the advancement of technology, there are a lot of reasons why we need to convert online videos. You could just be scrolling feeds on your Facebook or Twitter timelines and come across a certain clip you like. You may want to save that video on your smartphone or share it with others on another social media platform. If you think converting videos online is not worth the talk, here are three reasons you could be wrong.

1. Watch On All Devices

Not all mobile phones can handle all kinds of videos and codecs, especially older gadgets. For you to be able to view all your videos on all devices, you may need to convert them to a format that is universally supported. Whether you are using a tablet, iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone, you still need to make sure the video is compatible with your video support system.

If the two cannot tangle, then you might find yourself in a bit of a fix. MP4 videos can be played by most modern devices. However, an older video format, especially for 3G phones, is 3GP. Videos can be optimized for Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone or iPod. Irrespective of what you decide, online video converters like can help you correctly convert any online video to MP4 which can widely be opened and view on phones, tablets, and even consoles.

2. Social Media Does Not Support GIFs

Because they loop a sequence – usually a funny one – over and over, animated GIFs have become very popular in recent times. To simply put it, they focus on the most important parts. Nevertheless, many social media platforms – such as Facebook and Instagram – are not built to support the upload and display of Graphic Image Formats.

Rather, they usually show a still image of the first frame of the animation. You will agree that this is not the kind of content we want to share with our friends and followers when we do upload a GIF. But when you convert the GIF back to video format, you can then use it the way you want to. Video loops are possible on Facebook and can be uploaded there, but it all depends on your settings.

3. Simple Video Editing

There are times your video will appear upside down or tilted to one side. Or, it may be too chunky or too large of a file to send via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Well, if you find yourself in such situations, you will need a video converter to set things right. To change the file and screen size of a video is easy.

But you can as well go the extra mile without having to crack Maya Autodesk or learning about aftereffects. You can also easily toggle the frame rate, bit rate, and audio quality to get what you desire. That is not all of it, as online video converters also allow you to mirror or flip a clip and even cuts parts of it so you do not have to save some file too large for your liking.

Finally, online is always better! Converting videos online does not need any installation, meaning you can do it from anywhere without having to worry about bugs and viruses. There are many such online video conversion websites out there, doing a Google search can return a bunch of them so you have everything at your fingertips.

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