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5 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer

Some people see lawyers as expensive and unnecessary. Nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, you may not need to hire an attorney to handle traffic tickets or get you out of a small claims court. However, if you’re dealing with things like divorce and businesses, you’d likely need a lawyer by your side.

Not hiring a lawyer or working with terrible representatives may spell doom for your business, marriage, properties, and freedom. From accident lawyers to employment lawyers, there are different types of lawyers who are specialized in one area of the law. It’s always better going for a specialist lawyer than a generalist.

Here are circumstances where hiring a lawyer is a given.

Running a Business

Whether you are a small business or a behemoth in your industry, hiring a lawyer is a strategic decision. At one point or the other, your business may end up having to resolve disputes – often in court.

There are so many things that could go wrong at a worksite: employees could be distributed against or abused. A building defect could cause personal harm or injury. All such cases are likely to end up in court, and without a lawyer to advise and guide you, you may suffer damages and pay exorbitant penalties.

Many businesses only opt for the services of a lawyer or law firm when they are in dispute regarding their products, copyright infringements, and ownership battles. However, a lawyer is critical from the inception of a business. You’d need legal counsel in things like shares, taxes, mergers and acquisitions, employee contracts, capital, permits, and licensing. Such counsel would give your business a firm legal footing and forestall suits in the future.


Personal injuries are common, and they could happen anywhere from sidewalks to offices. If negligence or mistakes from another party caused your injury, you are entitled to receive some kind of compensation. A lawyer’s job is to ascertain the facts of your case and to find out if it’s worth litigating.

One way injuries occur is through car accidents. Millions of car accidents happen each year, and as long as you’re driving, you should be prepared just in case an accident occurs. An accident could result in severe injuries, disabilities, trauma, and even death. For any of those cases, you are entitled to receive compensation, and a lawyer can help you do just that. It would serve your interests to hire an attorney who is well-versed in handling legal matters arising out of car accidents. Such an attorney would typically help you:

  • Negotiate claims from your insurance company
  • Prove liability
  • File a lawsuit if needed
  • Fight your case in court

Aside from car accidents, you may experience other types of accidents for which you’d need compensation. Attorneys can work on that for you.

Work-Related Claims

Federal and state employment laws provide for the protection of employee’s rights. Any act by an employer that infringes on your rights as a worker should not be taken lightly. Some work-related infringements are unfair treatment, wrongful termination, discrimination, injuries, and abuse. Find a labor or employment lawyer who would fight your cause. A good lawyer would listen to your situation, peruse the facts, and find a way to defend your rights and to make sure you receive your due.

A Divorce

A nasty divorce is a recipe for disaster. Aside from being tortured emotionally, you may lose your properties if you are not well represented legally. Of course, if there is a mutual agreement, and there are no custody or property battles, the process would be smooth and may not require the services of a lawyer extensively. However, if there are any disagreements or disputes, a lawyer can help defend your interests and negotiate the best deal possible.

Other Situations

There are several different situations where hiring a lawyer is a good option. While it may not be clear cut immediately, you’ll have to judge on a case by case basis. You can consult with a lawyer to find out if it’s suitable to go forward with legal help. Some circumstances in which you may need a lawyer include:

  • Preparing a will or administering someone’s estate
  • Adopting a child
  • DUI charges
  • Purchasing or managing real estate
  • Fighting a lawsuit
  • Drug charges
  • Defending yourself in a criminal case
  • Proving a medical malpractice

In a Sum

If you’ve watched too many movies, lawyers may not be your favorite kind of people. Often portrayed as high-handed, out-of-touch, and expensive, lawyers are actually there for your interests. You do not need to run to a lawyer to settle every dispute in your life, but when it comes to things like starting a business, divorce, wills, conflicts, and anything that may end you in court, you’d be better off going for a lawyer.


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