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8 Ideas To Help You Build A Balustrade Like A Pro

By: Jim Pullman

Staircases are more than just steps. They have become part of a successful house interior architecture with additional beautiful balustrades. To complement the house, people can add transparent glass panels or slim metal spindles balustrade designs. Apart from providing stability and safety, balustrades act as a simple home craft. In case you are thinking of renovating or putting up a new staircase, below are ideas to help build a balustrade like a pro.

Sweeping staircase

You can choose a sweeping staircase with white stone steps combined with black metal balusters and a mahogany polished wooden handrail. The design will be elegant and dramatic, with a complement of a creamy limestone floor. This design can also have an intricately detailed steel railing that does not block light.

Glass balustrade

If you need more lighting in your home, consider a glass balustrade. By replacing the traditional wooden panels with a glass panel, your living room will look more spacious and cleaner. Glass panels are ideal for modern homes but can also be used to uplift the face of an old property.

Choose metalwork

Stainless steel spindles are a great way to add value to your staircase.

Combined with a wooden handrail, Miami Stainless steel that is gracefully shaped and has a slight twist at the landing will add grace to your already elegant furnishings. When choosing the right steel, it’s not just about the look; consider the steel’s cost and durability. Additionally, you may choose a steel balustrade that bends alongside the ascending stairs and horizontal banisters that extends beyond the post.

Painted balustrades

Carved wooden spindles with black paint are the tradition, but you can modernize them with brilliant white paint on the newel posts. And a gloss back paints to the stair treads. Adding a neutral shaded carpet will brighten up the home interior. You can also use honey oak color on the handrail or any other neutral colors and make it stand out. Additionally, you can get creative with colors, and a combination of different colors to the handrail and balusters teamed with trim colors on the stairs will bring an artistic look to the house.

Solid wood

The woodwork in staircases gives the house a vintage appeal, regardless of whether mahogany or oak complementing pain on the walls. This luxury appeal of wood teamed with a limestone floor. And a white wall will transform your stairs and the appearance of your home.

You can also add two tones in the wood staircase to improve luxury. By adding an ebony color to the floor of the stairs, a crisp white paint to the rises and spindles will improve the depth of luxury to your staircase. Additionally to this design, you can add a cottage look to the wood by painting the woodblocks’ connection to the balustrade crispy white and mahogany to the rise. The wood paint creates a cottage-like appearance.

Keep it Simple

By maintaining the neat stairs, you create an aura of simplicity without building unique railings and fussy spindles. You can do this by installing a horizontal post with wide-spaced metal posts that focus on the woodwork without any unnecessary details.

Curved staircase

For the curved stairs design, the glass will work without installing a handrail. When the glass fits up to the ceiling, it will bend to any shapes of the staircase. A curved glass banister will look amazing on spiral staircases allowing the flow of light across the house. If added white oak handrail, it will look modern and luxurious. On the downside to this is the regular cleaning,

Another idea for the curved stairs, iron balusters combined with wooden handrails, will curve nicely to the curve’s shape. Adding black color to the iron and gray to the rises will create an elegant contemporary look.


When it comes to building a staircase, you must consider practicality, safety, and style. The size, material, and configuration of the stairs will dictate the design that best suits your home. When considering a stair design, you should also determine the position to place it. Generally, the best place to build your staircase is near the front door. The reason for this is to avoid crossing to another room to ascend

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