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9 Tips on Increasing Your Instagram Followers

Instagram is quite popular with 200 million people actively sharing content a monthly basis. Technological advancement has brought numerous changes in the life of modern individuals. The world has advanced to such an extent that it has taken the shape of a global village. Instagram has gained popularity over the years and is now becoming the favorite social media app for youngsters. It is becoming a great tool for audience building as more and more businesses are gradually shifting on Instagram in order to attain success and popularity.

Keeping in view these facts, it appears that a common question that might arise in your mind is how to get more followers for Instagram especially when you are doing business so that you would be successful. Read on to get more information and get some valuable insight to make your profile famous within a short span of time!

#1. Focus on Hashtags

Your hashtags should be creative. Make sure you don’t bore the audience. Keeping in view the fact that you are living in a globalized era, it is important to keep pace with the fast-changing world. Try to tell your story and include the hashtags in that. In short, try to be more creative.

#2. Be an Active Participant

When it comes to conversations, it would be a good idea to actively participate in different conversations. Using a long-tail keyword would add charm to your discussions and in the modern age, it would work like magic. Be the one who initiates an interesting conversation.

#3. Descriptive Captions

Instagram operates quite differently in the sense that it focuses on visual explanation. Your eyes would thank you for the beautiful scenery in an image but it would be worth to add some descriptive captions. Add facts and figures to spark interest among the audience.

#4. Interact with Famous People

Networking is important for business and the best way to do it virtually is through Instagram. All you have to do is follow your famous celebrities or personalities and try to interact with them as much as possible. This is likely to bring you or your business to their attention, which can turn out quite lucrative for your business. In order to get the latest updates from such famous people, it would be a good idea to turn on the post notifications. In this way, you can get a notification on all their recent activities. If you get a comment from a famous person, it can result in increasing the number of followers you have!

#5. Avoid Unwanted Tagged Photos

Sometimes people tag you in photos that you really do not want to show up on your profile, which is why it is important that you manage your settings and approve the photos first before they become a permanent part of your profile. In case, if it does become an unwanted part of your profile, you can always hide those images. Be smart!

#6. Be Unique

In a world full of similar faces, voices, and concerns having a different style counts. It can, in fact, change your life by bringing you upfront and making a favorite of your audience. You need to increase the audience base and in order to do so, it is very important to be unique. Develop your own voice and become a person that everyone tries to follow. For example, you can have a unique sense of style such that everyone in the family admires you and ask your opinion in that regard. Thus, you can offer free styling tips by showcasing it on your Instagram Profile. This and many such steps can help you achieve the attention of the target audience.

#7. Improve Your Knowledge

Yes, as they say, knowledge is power, guess what? It still is. You have to improve your knowledge on the local and famous trends. You should be aware of what is trending in the market so that you can come up with a unique solution. Get an idea on what is going in your neighborhood, city, and try to discuss that idea with the audience. It sounds like hardwork but it would eventualy pay off!

#8. Build Anticipation and Ask For Feedback

A great way to increase the followers on Instagram or increase the customer base for your business is to build anticipation. If you are just starting out and have no followers at all, it would be a good idea to ask the friends and family members to promote your profile. However, always be ethical and do not try to get followers through unfair means. Building suspense and anticipation s likely to play an important role as well. For example, you can make an announcement that something bigger is about to happen and people would wonder what it is! Make sure the news is big too otherwise, this method is not likely to work the next time. There would be an audience liking the kind of content you offer, which is why their feedback would count a lot. Ask for their feedback and learn what they have to chime in!

#9. Run Some Interesting Contests

Another thing, which is likely to grab the attention of Instagram users is an interesting contest. If you run business, for example, you have a product line and you deal with makeup then you can offer free giveaways when the audience shares a certain post or image from your profile. Many businesses can take advantage of this tip and they can attract a large number of customers. It is a great tactic to increase your followers!

Final Words

In short, all you have to do is focus on better hashtags, actively participate in different posts of your choice, add descriptive captions, interact with celebrities, avoid unwanted tagged photos, create your own style, improve your knowledge, ask for feedback and create suspense, and finally run a contest.