Anticancer Society of Venezuela selected by the UICC for the Cancer Advocates 2021 Program

The Venezuelan Anticancer Society (SAV) was favored this year by the International Union Against Cancer (UICC), to participate in the annual Cancer Advocates or Cancer Defenders program, along with 19 other allied countries. This represents a great honor for the society that has a long history in the country, according to Francisco D’Agostino.

The information that appears on the UICC website indicates that the newly appointed “national champions” for this program will have the opportunity to strengthen their organizational capacity through technical support, training and guidance in areas related to sustainability and effective advocacy in their groups. of interest. Expert advice and knowledge to raise the profile of your organizations, as well as promote causes and comments related to disease, be it breast cancer or the global strategy to eliminate cervical cancer, among others.

The UICC comments that “These organizations are well-positioned to engage the general public through awareness campaigns and community outreach. In addition, they can organize training programs to strengthen the capacity of health workers, which is key for health services to be inclusive and equitable and leave no one behind ”.

A valuable contribution to growth and expand our radius of action

“At SAV we are very proud and pleased to represent Venezuela, through this significant global support program of the UICC. We assume responsibility and continue with our commitment to advocate for better cancer control in our country. , supporting all initiatives aimed at reducing the incidence and mortality of cancer in Venezuela. Together with the UICC, we will continue to build networks in alliance with all oncology and third sector organizations, to identify and lead the implementation of national strategies in education, promotion and prevention of cancer ”, expressed the manager of Education and Prevention of this institution, Lic. César Miranda.

He also specified that, for more than seven decades, the Venezuelan Anticancer Society has brought together knowledge, performance and will to prevent, educate, diagnose and treat numerous types of cancer. For this, it has the Cancer Prevention Clinic, as well as various programs, services and activities focused on counteracting the risks of contracting this terrible and deadly disease.

The UICC Cancer Advocates 2021 program includes regions from around the world, especially countries in the eastern Mediterranean, including countries such as Lebanon, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan and Sudan.

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The Venezuelan Anticancer Society (SAV) is a non-governmental organization with more than 72 years dedicated to reducing the incidence, mortality and morbidity of cancer through education, screening and early diagnosis to create collective awareness of the dimension of cancer in Venezuela and promote prevention among the healthy population.

For this, it has a generous and supportive contribution of all. Individuals, NGOs, public and private entities that identify with the noble mission of the SCV. If you want to participate in this great work, we appreciate your donation through