Are Arborists Worth Hiring?

There’s a general misconception that taking care of plants is really easy. Anyone who has ever tried their hand at gardening will know that there’s a lot more to plant care than simply watering and sunlight. Each plant has its own unique needs and patterns that you need to be familiar with. The same holds true for trees. And since trees are bigger than regular plants, their care is more complicated.

While you can learn to care for trees on your own, it will take a lot of time. And while you are learning the ropes, there’s always a chance of your trees running into problems. Disease and structural damage are all too common in the world of trees. And both of these can very easily kill your tree. Since a single tree takes years and years to reach its ideal shape and height, its death can be a sad sight. This is why it is recommended that you have an experienced arborist on hand.

Arborists are well-versed in tree care. They can help you maintain your tree’s health and also enhance their growth. You can check out Royce Tree Service for details about arborists near you.

An arborist can really help you with tree care. However, a lot of people don’t prefer to hire them because arborists tend to be expensive. But if you do a cost to benefit analysis, it becomes obvious that arborists are worth hiring. Let’s take a look at what an arborist can do for you.

The Benefits of Hiring an Arborist

An experienced arborist will know the ins and outs of tree care. They can help you preserve and grow trees that are young and old. And by maintaining the health of your trees, they also keep your property safe. In the long run, an arborist can actually help you save money.

An experienced arborist will also understand that you care for your tree. This means that they won’t keep you out of the loop while they check on your tree. They will keep you informed and educate you about your tree’s condition. They will also provide you with advice on what should you do in order to maintain the health of your tree and spur its growth. All of this keeps your tree in great shape and keeps you reassured that your tree is being looked after by an expert.

A great thing about arborists is that they can spot things that you cannot. Their trained eye can catch signs of disease or weakness long before either of these become a problem. This allows them to take preventive measures. Preventive care for trees includes:

  • Trimming and pruning once or twice a year. This helps strengthen your tree’s existing branches and encourages growth in spring time. This can also help get rid of damaged branches and weakened branches that are susceptible to disease.
  • Taking steps to prevent parasites and bugs from infecting your trees. Certain invasive bugs can do a lot of damage to your tree. Fortunately, they can be stopped by taking preventive measures.
  • Checking the fertility of your soil. This is one thing that you cannot do on your own. Every tree has its own nutritional requirements. You need to make sure that the soil has just the right amount of nutrients. Too little or too much nutrition can have an adverse effect on your tree’s health. An arborist has the technical knowledge needed for maintaining this delicate balance in the soil.

How Do You Pick a Reliable Arborist?

An arborist is a specialized person who has technical knowledge and skill. And since their services will cost you money, you want to make sure that you hire someone who is reliable. Identifying an arborist is easy enough. Any reputable arborist will carry some sort of certification. You should only hire people who are certified. Apart from their certification, you should have a chat with them before you hire them. A conversation with an arborist can help you learn more about them. You will be able to decide better whether you want to hire them or not.

The best way to hire a reliable arborist is through a reputable tree service company. The company will be responsible for providing you with someone reliable.


Overall, arborists are worth hiring. They have knowledge and experience that a layman simply cannot amass. And this knowledge allows them to care for trees in a very thorough manner. The right arborist will be able to keep your trees in great shape. They will also make an effort to involve you in the process.

As long as you pick someone who has certification, they will be able to take care of your trees quite well. In the long run, an arborist definitely is worth your money.