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Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger unsure Kieran Gibbs can improve

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is unsure that former charge Kieran Gibbs will get his desired improvement after leaving Arsenal for West Brom.

Gibbs returns to the Emirates on Monday night for the first time as a Baggy. The full-back left Arsenal in the summer, ending a 13-year association with the club as he joined Tony Pulis for £7million.

Upon his arrival at the Hawthorns Gibbs claimed that his new club was the ‘best’ place for him to play week-in-week-out. 

‘Once someone takes the decision to leave I wish them well and focus on my squad, but just look at the performances of the players who left us and then come back to me about it,’ said Wenger.

‘Learning is an attitude in life. It doesn’t depend on your geographical status, but more of the attitude in your brain. Are you ready to question yourself every day to see if you can improve? Kieran Gibbs became an England international here. He was a regular player many times but he had some fitness worries so we didn’t offer him a new deal and that’s why he decided to go.

‘You should ask him what he means about being a better defender at West Brom. He will certainly have to defend more because we are a team that goes forward and they are a team who focus more on defending.’

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Arsene Wenger is unsure Kieran Gibbs will get his desired improvement at West Brom