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Audi Lease Deals During the Pandemic: Pros and Cons

In the past, the question of buying or leasing an Audi was best answered by your transportation needs. This is because the world was operating at a normal capacity and everything in the universe was as it should have been.

But with the coronavirus pandemic, things have changed and people are more careful with their spending habits.

If you like to buy rather than rent things, you may be at a crossroads on whether you should lease a car during a disastrous period. But wonder no more! This article will discuss the pros and cons of the best Audi lease deals during the pandemic:

The Pros

These are the advantages of leasing an Audi during the pandemic:

Lower payments

Let’s face it- An Audi is an expensive car to purchase right off the bat. And during the pandemic, you do not have the luxury of making big purchases. A big chunk of your money should go towards saving for a rainy day.

But leasing the car will give you the financial relief that you need. It is an opportunity to enjoy the car of your dreams for a fraction of the cost.

Term extensions

These extensions are offered by Audi manufacturers. In other terms, the extensions serve as an early out in case you change your mind on the leasing.

The extensions also allow you to get into a newer model of the car when interested. This is ideal during a pandemic as it ensures that you will not have a long-term commitment to the lease in case you don’t have the finances to service it.

The Cons

These are the drawbacks to consider when leasing an Audi during the pandemic:

Limited Mileage

During the pandemic, you do not know how far you have to travel to get both you and your family to safety. As such, you do not need any limitations on your car.

Unfortunately, like any other car, leasing an Audi comes with a limited mileage of between 10,000 to 15,000 miles per year.

Requires good credit

If you have bad credit, you will not have a lot of luck leasing an Audi. As costs are especially high during the pandemic, most of the best Audi lease deals call for individuals with a stable financial situation and a good credit score.

Sadly, if you have been slacking on paying off your loans, then leasing an Audi may not favor you.

Bottom Line

Leasing an Audi during the pandemic can seem like the best decision to make. However, before making the decision on whether to lease or buy, it is important to consider the pros and cons.

Research on the leasing terms and find out if they are more favorable than the buying terms. Most importantly, you should calculate the expenses in both scenarios as they will ultimately determine the best decision to make.

Whether you opt to lease or buy, remember that negotiation is necessary and as such, you should always leave with the best possible price.