Benefits of using a money counting machine for your business

A counting machine or money counter is a device designed to count cash. Many counting machines’ models have additional functions: checking the authenticity of banknotes, sorting money by face value and dilapidation, etc.

Money counters are used in shops, service establishments, offices, logistics companies, bank branches, and currency vaults.

Classification of money counters

Counters without additional functions are called bill counting machines. These devices do not recognize denominations of banknotes, do not sort money, and do not check their authenticity. They only determine the number of banknotes in a pack.

According to the level of mobility, the counters are divided into 2 groups:

  • Portable: Battery operated. The charge lasts for 5-6 hours. Counting speed: 500-800 banknotes per minute.
  • Stationary: Models with an enlarged body. Counting speed 1000-2000 banknotes per minute.

Stationary models are divided into semi-professional and professional (banking). All bank grade counters have additional features. They can work up to 24 hours with breaks. Counting speed: up to 2000 bills per minute. Up to 8 detections are present.

How is a counting machine?

Inside each calculating machine, there is a system of rollers. When the user loads a stack of bills into the receiving tray and turns on the machine, the rollers begin to move. They grab banknotes one at a time and pass them along the internal path.

Inside the device, there is a luminous flux, which is temporarily interrupted when passing banknotes. The system counts the number of interruptions and displays the result on the scoreboard.

Advanced counters determine the dilapidation of money. According to dilapidation, banknotes are divided into 3 classes:

  • ATM. New money was recently put into circulation.
  • Medium. Undamaged money with signs of use.
  • Dilapidated. Banknotes with gaps, and missing fragments.

Some models allow you to adjust the counting speed. This is useful for dealing with old money that can tear if caught quickly. When the functionality of the counter is combined with the detector, during the movement of the bill along the path, it is checked for authenticity.

Additional functions

Budget machines recognize money inserted in a certain way. For advanced counters, the direction of the banknote feed and the front side does not matter. They allow you not to waste time preparing packs for testing. These models are suitable for intensive work.

Most counters have additional features:

  1. Sort banknotes by denomination
  2. Sorting money according to the degree of dilapidation
  3. Calculation of the number of denominations
  4. Checking money for authenticity
  5. Packing a given number of banknotes
  6. Working with dollars and euros

All operations are carried out automatically. The results of counting, checking and packaging are not affected by the human factor. Advanced models recognize double, damaged, and half banknotes.

The packing range can be customized. If there is not enough money to pack a full pack, the system displays an inscription on the display. After loading the required number of banknotes into the receiving tray, the operation is completed.

Types of built-in detections

Professional money counters have detectors. They identify suspicious banknotes during counting. This feature speeds up the work with cash. Instead of two different machines, you can use one machine.

To accurately determine the authenticity of a banknote, several detections are needed.

Most professional counters have 8 types of detections:

  1. Ultraviolet. Checking for marks visible under UV light
  2. Infrared. Analysis of metameric infrared dyes
  3. Magnetic. Checking paint with ferromagnetic pigment
  4. Geometric. Analysis of paper dimensions and optical density
  5. Analysis of CIS tags
  6. Optical density control
  7. Spectral analysis of paint
  8. Image recognition scanner

Banknotes are checked automatically. The operator does not need to know the signs of genuine and counterfeit money. Having found a suspicious banknote, the system gives sound and light. It is impossible to miss even with intense background noise.