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Bill Clinton frequently snuck out of the White House

  • Dustin Hoffman accusers detail alleged misconduct 
  • Development in Fitbit murder case 
  • Mariah Carey’s Christmas classic finally a hit on the charts 
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Bill Clinton liked to sneak out of the White House and did it more than any other president, a DailyMailTV exclusive reveals. A new book claims one night he was leaving incognito for a potential tryst until the Secret Service uncovered his escape plan.

Three of Dustin Hoffman’s accusers detail groping, lurid misconduct and call him a ‘bully’ in their first TV interview about the alleged harassment he denies. They spoke out on NBC Nightly News describing their encounters and shock at his advances.

Two years after the murder, there is a development in the Fitbit case involving the alleged killer. Contributor Nancy Grace has the details on this case of a murdered suburban mom whose fitness tracker offered a big clue in the timing of her death.

DailyMailTV loves giving you inside access to the stars and today we’re going backstage at the Dr. Phil show. At a recent taping, his wife Robin surprised the audience with a holiday skincare giveaway. For information go to

And, Mariah Carey got an early Christmas gift. The pop star’s seasonal classic All I Want for Christmas hit the Billboard Top 10 for the first time since it was released. Here’s how she responded.