Binary Options Brokers and Their Rating

A binary option, when compared to other options, is quite accessible, easy, and straightforward. Lots of individuals are searching for high rated binary options brokers to begin trading – a very easy way to get launched into financial freedom.

Interestingly, binary options trading resonates around a single question-how will the underlying asset at a particular time reflect, above or below a set price? This simple question holds the key to a broker making substantial profits while trading. But before we move forward, what are binary options?

Binary options are straightforward; that is why the appeal. A binary option is regarded as a financial product through which a buyer either gets a payout, or he loses his investment if the option expires. Binary options are time factors, as you can read at A trader makes a profit when the underlying asset is on the right side of the strike price when it expires.

Major facts about binary options

  • A binary option is based on a yes or no proposition.
  • Binary option expiring in the money see that the trader gets a payout. Otherwise, he would incur a loss.
  • It has a fixed payout and loss amount.
  • It refuses traders to take a position during underlying security.

Rating of Binary Option Brokers

Although binary option can be straightforward and easy, it is still risky. For instance, Forbes talks about some of its risks. However, here are top tier binary options brokers that could reduce any possible risk:

IQ option

IQ Option is one of the most successful binary options brokers. It has a rating of 9.3/10. Here are some of its pros:

  • Top class accessibility
  • Demo
  • Great interface
  • Incredible payout


Here, the best trading experiences are generated. It is top-rated with a rating of 9.3/10 and should be likely to be a reasonable consideration for individuals willing to trade binary options. At Nadex, individuals are allowed to take any position on several options. Ideally, they are regulated by the guidelines of CFTC. Pros are:

  • Demo account option
  • Low fees
  • Several market varieties
  • User-friendly and the software is great


This platform has its primary focus on forex CFDs. A binary option is traded with forex as its assets. BinaryCent is new and unique. Here are some of the pros that give it a top rating of 9.1/10:

  • Accessible with incredible profits; maximum return is 95%
  • Fantastic bonuses allowed
  • Low fees
  • A lot of educative materials are made available


24Option is another top-rated platform that has been around for more than a decade. They have a history of rendering reliable and stable services. Usually, they trade with TechFinancials. Take note of its advantages:

  • Superb financial analysis tools
  • Makes use of an excellent chart platform
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multiple assets to select from


Finmax is a top-rated platform that is operated and owned by Max Capital LTD. it is new to the scene but has the experience of an old horse. They successfully built a decent reputation with a rating of 9.0/10 and have the following pros:

  • Excellent market spread
  • Multiple tools
  • Customer support
  • Well regulated

In conclusion, trust is the foundation that these brokers stand on. That is why they have remained in the scene and, apparently are top-rated in the industry. You can place your binary options on companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple there without any doubt. We have successfully shown some binary brokers and their ratings. Choosing from this list should be very easy now.