BLACK DOG: A new corridor clash for Dianne Abbott

It seems Labour MPs can’t resist having a pop at Diane Abbott when they pass her in a Commons corridor. 

She was notoriously told to ‘f*** off!’ in one by Birmingham MP Jess Phillips. 

And last week, anti-Corbynite Wes Streeting had a corridor clash with Ms Abbott, accusing her of ‘appalling’ behaviour in the party’s anti-Semitic row. 

Lots of Labour Party MPs appear to have a problem with Dianne Abbott, pictured

Not all at No 10 were as smitten with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau as Theresa May, who came over all girlish as they posed for pictures in Downing Street’s garden. 

While most of Mrs May’s female staff gawped through the windows at ‘dreamboat’ Trudeau, one remarked: ‘He looks like the type of man who gets out his guitar at the end of every party.’

The SNP’s hapless Commons leader Ian Blackford is constantly jeered by Tory MPs whenever he asks questions of Mrs May. 

Poor Blackers is so upset, he has begged Tory Chief Whip Julian Smith for help. 

But one Tory MP – asked by Smith to show ‘respect’ – told Dog: ‘The fact is, he is such a joke on his own side, there is no way our lot can take him seriously.’ 

Cathy Newman and the butterfly effect 

Labour MPs tuning into Channel 4 News to watch presenter Cathy Newman grill arch Leftie Chris Williamson found themselves distracted by the flash of a butterfly tattoo on her shoulder – its first airing on the show since she had it done for charity two years ago.

 It seems Cathy’s tattoo, pictured above, is giving Jon ‘flashy ties’ Snow a run for his money.


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Jo Marney, whose ‘racist’ texts forced her boyfriend Henry Bolton, 55, to be sacked as Ukip leader, is still in the wars. 

The glamour model, 25, has postponed all photoshoots after a Ukip-style calamity. ‘I broke my arm after too many pints in the Westminster Arms,’ she tells Dog. ‘I needed an operation and wires through the bone.’ 

Her former party needs the same. 

Zahawi’s noisy defence

Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi was shocked to learn a passenger had complained about the noise he, wife Lana and daughter Mia, five, made on a holiday flight home. ‘My wife’s a nervy flyer so was zonked out. 

Mia said, “Can you change the film for me?” so I did a couple of times. The chap behind said “Ssshh!” and I apologised. Is that a crime?’

West Indies-born ex-England cricketer Roland Butcher, who condemned the Windrush scandal last week, was in his own race row in 1989 when he had to quit a ‘rebel’ England cricket tour of apartheid South Africa. 

He was confronted at Lord’s cricket ground by a schoolboy, who told him: ‘Playing cricket in that racist land would be shameful.’ 

The Leftie imp was Damian McBride, now chief of staff to Labour’s Emily Thornberry.