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Buffer vs Sproutsocial: which one is better?

You must already know that social media management tools are your best choice to handle multiple social media accounts when including social media into your marketing campaign.

But it can be hard to choose the perfect social media management tool which is best for your business. Because there are numerous social media management tools available but among the best, today are Buffer and Sprout Social. How about we plunge further into their features.

Overview of Buffer Vs. Sprout Social

  • Buffer

Buffer has a fresh, clean, and user-friendly interface which makes planning content across different apps very easy. It’s a comparatively new platform but one that keeps updating new stuff.

Cost: Free, $10 per month for the Awesome Plan, Business Plan begins at $99 per month.

Primary Focus: Queue and schedule content effortlessly.

  • Sprout Social

Sprout Social is costlier than other social media management tools. Their best component is the Smart Inbox which lets you see all messages from your associated Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ profiles in a single stream.

Cost: Deluxe arrangement for $59 per user per month; $99 per user per month for Premium Plan; $500 per month with three logins for the Team plan.

Primary Focus: An all in one social media management tool that allows you to schedule, publish, analyze, and engage with your audience

What Does Buffer Have To Offer?

Buffer doesn’t include ground-breaking analytics nor does it offer strong management. You can’t answer mentions or messages through the app and there is no choice to set up a custom dashboard to follow your feed or a keyboard.

In any case, where Buffer stands out are the direct post scheduling and the capacity to set custom posting times. Buffer comes along with Pablo, their tool which lets you take pictures and illustrations to go with your posts.

You can also schedule Instagram posts but remember that this won’t really post to Instagram because of their close API, rather it will send you a notice at the assigned time, reminding you to share your post.

Other than that, the Buffer button can be incorporated into RSS readers, Twitter, Chrome, WordPress, and different tools for finding content, without much of a hassle.

What Does Sprout Social Have To Offer?

Sprout Social allows you to publish and schedule social media posts.

The Messages tab shows engagement. The Feeds tab permits you to get to all your social media feeds in one spot. You can include Twitter lists and your home feed and you can engage with the content by answering, retweeting, sending an immediate message, and much more.

Sprout Social offers a single column view. You can look for a specific hashtag and spare the search. Social media is very necessary for sales and marketing management and it simply helps in enhancing the sales as it focuses on the real meantime post and other prospects.

Their ViralPost feature examines when your audience is generally engaging to give you suggestions for the best time to post your scheduled content.

The Discovery tab encourages you to find new followers and have a look at the individuals who engage with you on Twitter most often.

Their CRM Tool permits you to include custom notes and view past communications with explicit users.

Sprout Social, similar to Buffer, utilizes for their URL shortening, yet the downside is that you can utilize just one account for every social profile in your framework.

Analytics comparison.

Buffer has a very basic arrangement of analytics. It lets you track the basic stuff like retweets, mentions, likes, and comments on your different social media posts. It likewise incorporates with for URL shortening which makes it simple to follow the analytics outside of Buffer.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social offers the most comprehensive arrangement of analytical choices that permit you to create reports of overall social media movement. You can make segmented reports for singular networks, group progress reports, or even network comparison reports.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple, straightforward, and user-friendly interface
  • Advanced scheduling
  • The browser extension, mobile applications, and Buffer button incorporates with different applications such as WordPress and more


  • Very basic analytics
  • No custom features

Sprout Social


  • Strong arrangement of features
  • Instinctive and flawless interface
  • Astounding client assistance
  • Smart Inbox
  • Social CRM


  • While they permit you to plan social media updates, it’s not as cutting edge as Buffer’s scheduling features
  • Their pricing can be far off of reach for some small entrepreneurs.


Picking the correct social media management tool isn’t simple, however, it’s necessary.

Buffer is the most ideal choice in case you’re searching for a basic and clear approach to scheduling and offer content over a variety of social platforms. It’s an extraordinary method to get acquainted with social media management.

In the event that you need something advanced with better analytics, Sprout Social is the right decision. It likewise helps on the off chance that you need an instrument that lets you handle an aspect of your consumer support through your social media accounts.

So, choose according to what your business needs right now. Hope this article helped. Let us know in the comments if you’ve anything you want to add or say.

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