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California man and woman suspected of molesting girl

  • Police arrested 39-year-old Blanca Torres and 39-year-old Hector Garcia
  • Torres was babysitting the victim for a friend when they allegedly sexually abused the child
  • Police searched Torres’ phone and found browser searches for child pornography

A man and woman from California who are suspected of sexually assaulting a four-year-old girl have been arrested. 

Blanca Torres and Hector Garcia, both 39, were arrested Thursday in Sunnyvale near San Jose.

The pair have been charged with seven felony county of lewd acts against a minor, according to Sunnyvale police Capt. Shawn Ahearn.

Hector Garcia, 39, was charged with sexually assaulting a 4-year-old girl with his girlfriend, authorities said.

Blanca Torres and Hector Garcia, both 39, were each charged Tuesday with seven counts of lewd acts on a child, according to Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety

The Mercury News alleges Torres was babysitting the girl for a friend when the assaults occurred. 

The mother of the girl went to police headquarters when she became suspicious that something had occurred.

After police searched Torres’ phone, they found browser searches for child pornography.

Investigators also believe there may well be other victims as Torres has shared residences with other families in the past and may have offered to babysit for other families and friends.

At this stage, however, police have not identified any other victims.