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Can Green Card Holders Get Medicare?

Medicare is the latest health insurance program by federal authorities for those who are above 64. It is also applicable to those with disabilities. Those people who are suffering from kidney diseases can also apply for the Medicare program. The program has a different coverage plan. Plan A is mostly free for all US, which is hospital insurance.

But if you apply for plan B, then upon new immigration rules, new immigrants are not eligible for availing these benefits. However, if the immigrants are permanently living in the US and now they come at the age of 65 or above, they can get this coverage plan for free from the US government. Green card holders can get these health care opportunities under certain rules. But are non-citizens applicable for Medicaid?

Are Non-US Citizens Eligible for Medicaid?

Those immigrants who are not a part of the citizen community of the US can generally be eligible for the Medicare coverage plans. According to the CHIP (Children Health Insurance Program), qualified non-citizens can get the Medicaid program if they meet certain residency rules and state income.

To avail, the CHIP and medical coverage from the US government, mostly non-citizens such as green card holders of LRPs, go through a five-year-long waiting period. It means that the non-US citizens need to wait for around five years to get Medicaid coverage. First, they wait to get a qualified immigration status in the US, and then they will be allowed to get medical coverage plans.

Do Immigrants Get Free Health Insurance?

Foreigner families have significant subtleties to consider in the Health Insurance program of the US. The vast majority in the list are qualified for the Health Insurance programs provided by the US government.

  • Immigrates of Lawfully presents
  • US residents
  • US nationals

Those immigrants that are Undocumented aren’t qualified to get a Health coverage plan or for premium duty credits and different reserve funds on health programs. In any case, they may apply for these kinds of coverage on behalf of those who are documented.

Numerous foreign families can avail of some mixed plans that are having diverse migration and citizenship statuses. For instance:

  • Some families may have tax paying individuals who can’t accept medical coverage through the US Marketplace. Some close by other relatives qualified to get the coverage plan as residents or legitimately present outsiders.
  • Few individuals may not be qualified for full Medicaid coverage, while different individuals are qualified for Medicaid or CHIP.
  • Some families can apply for premium assessment credits or lower cash-based expenses for private protection for their needy relatives qualified for inclusion in the Marketplace. They can likewise apply for Medicaid and CHIP inclusion for their needy relatives.

Green Card Medical Exam

Most of us don’t have a clear idea of why an immigrant needs to pass a medical test to visit the US. Before 2020 most of us don’t know how we can be admissible in any foreign country. With the strong wave of COVID-19, we can relate the importance of this medical test to get admissible in foreign countries. If you want to go to an outer country, it is permanent for every citizen or non-citizen person to pass a medical exam. Even green card holders also pass this test to get entered in US countries.

The main objective of the medical test is to examine whether you are safe to travel to the US or not. Even if a person is applying for a green card for the USA, they must be going through the medical immigration process, which is mandatory for everyone. Without completion of this test, you are not allowed to enter the USA.

How Do I Qualify for Medicare?

You can get qualified for the Medicare program in two conditions. One is if you are 65 or older and second due to any disability. In some cases, you are allowed to get this program. If you are under 65 or younger, you can avail of social security disability benefits from the US government. The Medicare coverage plans can begin after the 25th months once you receive all disability benefits. In other concerns, if you are affected by any kidney issue, you need to be fully insured to get Medicare programs.


Some people and outcasts are now allowed to be refugees in foreign countries. They do not need to pass any medical tests or vaccinations to apply for a green card. However, the US government announces every national immigrant can only be allowed to be admissible in the US or apply for a green card if they pass all US authorities and medical criteria’s.



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