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Carry Your Eye Protection At Work – Prescription Safety Glasses

Occupational safety requires protective eyewear. Your eyesight is precious, why lose it while you can ensure safekeeping for a lifetime of good vision?

If reports are to be believed, 7 million people in America injure their eyes at work. Protective eyewear has become a mandate and is recommended increasingly. Safety glasses are known to prevent 90% of eye injuries and also provide the highest level of comfort provided the right type of glasses are chosen.

Regular eyeglasses are recommended for reading or indoors. Safety eyewear is recommended for tasks that employ excess strength on the eye or working with materials having the probable chance of getting inside the eye and leading to damage.

Regular eyeglasses lack the power to protect and provide impact resistance. On the contrary safety, eyeglasses are made from high-quality standard frames and lenses capable of conforming to the standards of impact resistance.

Benefits Of Prescription Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are divided into two categories, namely prescription safety glasses and non-prescription safety glasses. The former is prepared from polycarbonate which is a break-proof material, usually used in aerospace applications. Astronauts wear helmets made from polycarbonate to prevent minor to major injuries.

It may surprise you to learn that polycarbonate glasses at 10 times better in terms of resistance, weight, and protection from ultraviolet rays when compared with glass or plastic lenses. The best prescription safety glasses are prepared from polycarbonate are capable of protecting from two types of ultraviolet rays namely UVA and UVB.

Sports Injuries

Squash, tennis, and baseball are some of the sports having a high probability of damaging the eye besides sports instruments. Eye injuries are also a result of poking in the eye caused by fingers or elbow drabs.

Sports involving flying objects are one of the greatest threats to eye care, as such standards of sports also recommend wearing specialized eyewear while playing besides being a safeguarding instrument. Therefore, prescription safety glasses also act as rescue material.


What better than wearing safety glasses that can consolidate eye protection and prescription eyeglasses into a single pair?

It is an excellent benefit for making people opt for eye protection even more today. One of the leading causes of the increased sale of protective eyewear is a consolidation of 2 several different advantages. It is easy to clean care and maintain one eyeglass instead of two.

Harmful Radiations

It may surprise you to know that prescription glasses are designed with filters to change the spectrum of light, besides the intensity. Harmful radiations entering the lens of the prescription eyewear do not cause damage to the eye because of the change in spectrum and intensity of light.

The glasses are designed to absorb specific wavelengths of light known to cause detrimental changes to overall eye health. Instead, they allow the safe wavelength of light to freely pass through without discomfort.

Avoid The Below While Choosing Your Prescription Safety Glasses

When choosing a suitable pair of safety glasses, it is important to find the best fit. The limitations can become a challenge and lead to permanent eye damage. Check for the below while you select the best prescription glasses for yourself.

The Lens

Workers requiring prescription safety glasses often experience eye fatigue. Eye fatigue is a result of an improper glass frame. Large safety glasses often distort the vision. It is important the entire glass, precisely the material, shape, lens, and fit work altogether to provide comfort along with the safest version.

With age, people experience poor vision and it is important to keep glasses in check. Working conditions compel to use the same glass year after year without realizing the need for prescription glasses. Refrain from continuing the same glass and get your power checked along with the lens and the frame.

Often glasses get scratched due to unsafe work practices. Once the lens is scratched, it becomes difficult for the eye to concentrate on a single vision. As such, eyes start working more than required to produce a clear vision through the scratch lens.

It is also a leading cause of eye fatigue. Eye strain, fatigue, and headaches can be an outcome of using scratch lenses for work. Proper education on prescription safety glasses ensures workers are aware of the protection and take necessary measures to protect the eyes.

Incorrect Tint

Another leading cause of eye fatigue is the shade of the lens. Prescription safety glasses are manufactured in about 25 different colors. It is important to choose the right one as per the requirement. For workers working indoors, it is best to wear light tinted lenses and avoid overworking the eyes.

On the contrary, workers working outdoors require dark tinted lenses so that eyes have a proper vision that does not lead to headaches. Workers are often exposed to changes in lighting conditions as a result the pupils dilate and contract rapidly.

The wrong tint of the glass makes the eyes force multiple adjustments, creating a different light spectrum of a single spot.

To Summarize

A standard pair of safety glasses are designed with foam and protect eyes from dust and dirt. Almost all workplace settings have chances of potential eye hazards. Usually, wraparound and shield safety glasses offer the best protection.

Additionally, polycarbonate lenses are for long-term use. Besides, eye injuries also take place outside work conditions. Work that includes repair, kitchen work, lawn work also needs to be cautiously done with protective eyewear.