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Tory MPs rally rebellion against George Osborne’s slashing of disability benefits

George Osborne was facing pressure from Tory MPs over disability cuts today  George Osborne faced growing Tory dissent over his cuts to disability benefit toda... read more

Chief of Budget watchdog insists he has NOT reached a verdict on the risks of Brexit

Robert Chote, the chairman of the Office for Budget Responsibility, said he had not endorsed either side in the referendum.  The head of George Osborne’s... read more

George Osborne’s sugar tax could raise price of diet drinks and even bottled water 

George Osborne’s sugar tax could push up the price of diet drinks and encourage us to eat more chocolate, experts said yesterday. The Chancellor shocked M... read more

Brexit MPs join with Labour to threaten Budget rebellion over Brussels’ 5% levy on tampons

David Cameron has secured support from all other EU leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel (right) for new flexibility on VAT which would allow the ... read more

2016 Budget tax breaks for Airbnb-ers, eBay and Etsy sellers in Budget

Millions of people who rent our their homes on holiday rental sites like Airbnb or sell items or services on websites such as eBay and Etsy could see lower tax ... read more

George Osborne faces claims of a £560M black hole in education budget

Teachers will spend more time in the classroom as part of their training in a major overhaul of how they qualify under radical plans announced by the Government... read more

FTSE CLOSE: Footsie rallies as Fed and Bank of England peg interest rates

17.40: The FTSE 100 closed up 25.63 points at 6201.12 as investors responded to signals that the US Federal Reserve isn’t in a hurry to raise interest rat... read more

Lifetime Isa is a clever idea, especially if you’re one of the real Budget winners

When is a pension Isa not a pension Isa? When it’s a Lifetime Isa, it seems. Having been rebuffed in his attempt to replace pensions – and the pesky tax... read more

The Queen would love to ditch the eve-of-Budget fiscal meeting

A recent tradition the Queen would love to ditch as she approaches 90 is the eve-of-Budget meeting with the Chancellor of the Exchequer.  It was created by Ton... read more

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: A fine Budget, marred by the dread D-word 

After six years in the job, Chancellor George Osborne has become a master of the art of Budgets, unrecognisable as the ingénue who blundered through the omnish... read more

George Osborne could learn the hard way that making budgetary rules can be dangerous

Forget the eye-catching fizzy drinks tax and more funding for school sports.  The real narrative of George Osborne’s fourth financial statement in a year... read more

George Osborne announces town halls, hospitals and Whitehall need to make ‘stealth’ cuts

Hospitals, town halls and Whitehall will have to make new ‘stealth cuts’ thanks to a multi-billion pound ‘back door’ spending raid annou... read more

George Osborne’s Budget 2016 figures rely on levels of immigration way above target

George Osborne’s economic blueprint relies on levels of immigration way above the Government’s target, documents reveal. David Cameron has pledged t... read more

George Osborne says he will return Britain to surplus by the end of the decade 

George Osborne yesterday promised to balance the books by the end of the decade – but was forced to outline painful spending cuts and tax rises to hit his tar... read more

George Osborne seems more interested in HIS future than Britain’s, MAX HASTINGS writes

George Osborne is the most substantial politician in this Government, the least irresponsible Chancellor of the Exchequer since Ken Clarke lost the job in 1997.... read more

George Osborne gets behind High Speed 3 and Crossrail 2 in the Budget 2016

George Osborne got behind a string of high profile transport projects yesterday – but left it unclear when they will be completed. The Chancellor announced ba... read more

QUENTIN LETTS spots some short-term political point-scoring

As George Osborne sat down, having pinked his way through another Budget, three hands shot forth to congratulate him. David Cameron gave him a little play-punch... read more

George Osborne claims corporation tax cuts will lure more companies to Britain

The Chancellor has promised to close loopholes which allow multinational firms to avoid paying tax in the UK. George Osborne also set out further cuts to corpor... read more

George Osborne slashes business rates but his sums look VERY optimistic 

George Osborne wooed Middle Britain with tax cuts and a big boost for savers yesterday but admitted the UK’s finances had plunged deeper into the red. In ... read more

George Osborne drags ‘neutral’ watchdog into EU row

George Osborne faced a furious Tory backlash last night after suggesting that Britain’s independent economic watchdog was in favour of remaining in the EU... read more

George Osborne’s sugar tax hits firms with £500m bill

Shares in soft drinks firms fell sharply yesterday after George Osborne’s shock sugar tax announcement left them facing costs of £500million a year. Celebrit... read more

Middle class workers £400 better off after higher rate

Almost 600,000 middle earners will be lifted out of the 40p rate of income tax, the Chancellor announced yesterday. From April next year, workers will only pay ... read more

Wheelchair-bound Tory disability campaigner sabotages party’s own website

A wheelchair-bound Tory disability campaigner has sabotaged his party’s own website after accusing George Osborne of ‘destroying lives’ with t... read more

Jamie Oliver says it’s a ‘fluke’ he was at Westminster as Osborne announced sugary drinks tax

Crowning his interview with a celebratory jig, Jamie Oliver wasted no time addressing the media in the wake of today’s sugar tax budget revelation. But su... read more