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Online Relationship as a part of New Digital World: things you need to know

Technology is impacting our lives every day, with no end in sight to new advances and innovations designed to enhance the way we work, study, and spend our leis... read more

How Do You Teach Elementary Students?

Elementary students are completely new to the learning environment, especially the students of pre-grades. Some of them cry incessantly on their first day, whil... read more

How Do I Start Learning Japanese?

Are you just not feeling this whole “Japanese” business? That’s probably because you’re stuck in a rut as far as learning the language is concerned. Don... read more

OTR Wife – Holding Down the Home Front by Sandra Covington

In her book, the Truck Driver’s wife, Saundra Covington, shares some of the most personal stories from her time with her husband. She takes her readers on a j... read more