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Study claims anxiety may HELP with academic success 

Anxious students are more likely to graduate high school on time than their peers, a new study claims. The Canadian study claimed that students with high levels... read more

Walking a dog does wonders for your MENTAL health

Walking a dog is as good for the owner as it is for their pet, according to the most in-depth study on the activity to date. The research published on Thursday ... read more

LA health worker is fighting the spread of syphilis

Roberto Rocha, a supervising health investigator, will go as far as staking out a donut shop, talking with gang members or even banging on grandma’s door ... read more

Neuroscientists decode Rafael Nadal’s superhuman reflexes

Tennis fans around the world are gathering this week in Queens, New York to watch the world’s best players gracefully execute impossible-looking shots. Ra... read more

Most physical therapists face sexual assault from patients

Most physical therapists in America suffer sexual harassment from their patients, according to a new study. More than 80 percent of nearly 900 physical therapis... read more

Woman got meningitis from a tick bite in New York City

A woman has contracted spinal meningitis from a tick bite in New York City. Dee Vandenburg, of Staten Island, was at her home near a deer park earlier this year... read more

Don’t bother trying to stifle that yawn!

Yawning is so contagious that one sleepy person in a room can easily set off the rest. But anyone trying to stifle their yawns at a particularly dull work meeti... read more

We can’t live longer than 115 years old, scientists say

Researchers claim to have discovered the maximum age ‘ceiling’ for human lifespan. Despite growing life expectancy because of better nutrition, livi... read more

Kabul man’s toe replaces thumb after losing it in bomb

A student who lost his thumb in a terrorist attack is finally able to do simple tasks again after having his toe transplanted onto his hand. Student Irfaan-ul-l... read more

NHS no longer uses post-it notes for heart transplants

The NHS no longer uses post-it notes and whiteboards to arrange life-saving heart transplants for patients, it has emerged. Instead of relying on the tradition... read more

Half a million pacemaker patients are at risk of hack

More than 465,000 patients with St Jude pacemakers are at risk of potentially fatal hacks – and need to undergo an incredibly risky ‘software update... read more

Children of insomniacs fall asleep later researchers say

Children of mothers with insomnia fall asleep later, get less shut eye and spend less time in deep sleep, new research reveals. This is not true for fathers who... read more

NHS botched up a removal of the contraceptive implant

A woman claims she is ‘unable to do the simplest of things’ after NHS staff botched up a simple procedure to remove a contraceptive implant from her... read more

Narcissists actually DON’T like looking at themselves

Narcissists may think they’re better looking than the people around them.  But new myth-busting research suggests that they don’t actually like adm... read more

Falkirk son inherits Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease like dad

A father has told of his heartbreak after his son inherited the same rare degenerative neuromuscular disease as him and is now struggling with his mobility – ... read more

Psoriasis sufferers are TWICE as likely to die early

Psoriasis sufferers are up to twice as likely to die early, new research reveals. Patients with a severe form of the condition, defined as affected skin that co... read more

Kate Middleton’s uncle vows to lose weight for charity

The uncle of the Duchess of Cambridge has revealed that he was spurred on to go on an extreme diet after seeing photographs of himself at the wedding of her sis... read more

Obesity expert slams Pete Evans’ weight-loss advice

His controversial diet and nutrition advice has been slammed by a slew of leading health professionals. And now Pete Evans’s latest theory, which purports... read more

Saliva test could gauge rugby players’ risk of concussion

Past studies show urine samples provide an accurate indicator of head injuries If the trial is successful, a device could diagnose concussion in just two years ... read more

Newcastle girl woken by Disney princess after surgery

The world’s youngest ever open heart surgery patient had her dreams come true when she was woken by a Disney princess following her fourth operation. Chan... read more

Speed increases risk of stroke within hours or days of use

Using methamphetamine – sometimes called `speed,’ `ice,’ or `meth’ – increases the chance of stroke, a study has found. And while users ma... read more

Drinking young quadruples the risk of girls having sex

Drinking before the age of 13 quadruples the risk of girls having sex young, new research reveals. For both genders, having alcohol before 14 more than doubles ... read more

Kyoto scientists devise stem cell treatment for Parkinsons

A pioneering new stem cell treatment with the ‘potential to cure Parkinson’s disease’ has been crafted by researchers. In trials on laboratory... read more

NHS will pay £100 million to agencies to recruit GPs

The NHS will pay agencies up to £100 million to recruit GPs from abroad in a bid to tackle the growing staffing crisis as the seven-day working week comes int... read more