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Benefits of Using a Natural Face Moisturizer

In the realm of skincare, natural face moisturizers are gaining unprecedented popularity for their gentle yet effective properties. As we become more conscious ... read more

Hospital bosses are wasting millions with some paying double the amount for medical equipment as others, damning report finds

By Shaun Wooller Published: 00:52 GMT, 12 January 2024 | Updated: 08:04 GMT, 12 January 2024 Wasteful hospital bosses are failing to maximise their spending pow... read more

Wrinkles could be caused by BACTERIA on the skin, new study suggests

By Colin Fernandez Science Correspondent Published: 18:40 GMT, 11 January 2024 | Updated: 19:08 GMT, 11 January 2024 Wrinkles and crow’s feet could be worsene... read more

Sexologist reveals the safest position for shower sex that will prevent slips AND blow your mind

Shower sex can be more uncomfortable in real life than movies make it seem A sex expert revealed the best position to avoid injuries and keep the mood up  Get ... read more

Average American suffers over one HUNDRED bad sleeps each year… so how often do YOU get perfect night’s rest?

The average American gets a bad night of sleep for nearly one-third of the year Researchers said that this could be because US adults are going to bed stressed... read more

Study shows that feeling depressed can make you gain almost a pound in weight

Feeling down in the dumps could lead obese people to put on almost a pound in weight, while slim people stay the same size. Researchers tracked the emotions of ... read more

Covid Inquiry’s probe into vaccines is delayed indefinitely as chair admits postponement will be ‘disappointing for some’

By Stephen Matthews Health Editor For Mailonline Published: 15:59 GMT, 10 January 2024 | Updated: 16:06 GMT, 10 January 2024 A long-awaited probe into the devel... read more

Vitamin K: Secrets of Private Label Manufacturing for Your Brand

Often, each of us hears about the benefits of vitamins A, C, and E, which doctors often recommend for maintaining health. However, among the vast number of usef... read more

Urgent ‘do not eat’ warning for fresh turkey sold at major supermarket as packs wrongly say meat does not go off until June – 6 months after correct use-by date

Packs of turkey sold at Lidl Northern Ireland are printed with June use-by date  The NHS warns eating meat passed its use-by date could cause food poisoning  ... read more

Married women’s love fades more quickly than their husband’s in long marriages, data suggests

By Victoria Allen Published: 23:34 GMT, 9 January 2024 | Updated: 04:49 GMT, 10 January 2024 Though some husbands may quietly disagree, women’s loving fee... read more

Doctor warns against three weightlifting exercises after they leave some of his patients DISABLED

A doctor has revealed the three exercise mistakes that could lead to snapped muscles and spinal cord injuries, potentially leaving gym-goers disabled for life. ... read more

Sleep expert claims the side of the bed you sleep on says a lot about your personality

Left-side sleepers are thought to be more creative, calmer and confident But those who sleep on the right are said to typically earn more money READ MORE: Poor ... read more

Fascinating study reveals the most common thing that people lie about – and it’s not household chores

Researchers from the Netherlands looked at the impacts of lying on the liar They found that people are most likely to lie about themselves and not others READ M... read more

Surprising biological reason why your bingo wings might NEVER shift no matter how much you lift

By Emma Nelson For Dailymail.Com Published: 21:06 GMT, 8 January 2024 | Updated: 21:14 GMT, 8 January 2024 It’s a familiar scenario for many: you spend mo... read more

Vegan diets make women HORNIER, according to intriguing Netflix show experiment

By Emma Nelson For Dailymail.Com Published: 19:00 GMT, 5 January 2024 | Updated: 16:39 GMT, 8 January 2024 Vegan diets are thought to boost heart health and hel... read more

Fauci to be grilled by Congress over pandemic failures and lab leak during marathon 7-hour session TODAY

Closed-door sessions will mark Dr Fauci’s first trip to Capitol since retirement  Fauci has clashed with lawmakers over perceived coverups about covid or... read more

Understanding Unrecognized Medical Conditions like SIBO, SIFO, and Mast Cell Activation Disease

There are times when people with seemingly inexplicable symptoms are unable to get a proper diagnosis or are misdiagnosed with a completely different condition.... read more

Virtual reality googles which provide hope to  Parkinson’s patients to  be made available on the NHS

Patients with Parkinson’s disease are often frozen to the pot during attacks A trial in Yorkshire offers special googles to patients to stop them ‘f... read more

Strategies for Dealing with Opioid Overdose

In many affluent nations, drug overdose, primarily from opioids, is on the rise. In the US, drug overdose has been the main cause of injury-related deaths since... read more

How to Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals and Achieve Them

Let’s focus on a common and personal topic: setting realistic weight loss goals and the journey to achieving them. Whether you’re just starting or l... read more

Health guru demonstrates bizarre ‘natural aid’ to help you quit vaping…and you’ll need a bowl of strawberries

Published: 15:40 GMT, 5 January 2024 | Updated: 15:46 GMT, 5 January 2024 Around 2.5 million young Americans use e-cigarettes, or vapes – a device that si... read more

Newborn baby is fighting for life after ‘freebirth’ goes horribly wrong

By Daily Mail Australia Reporter Published: 08:26 GMT, 5 January 2024 | Updated: 08:27 GMT, 5 January 2024 A newborn baby is fighting for life after a ‘fr... read more

The men who wash their towels just once a YEAR – As experts warn millions could be risking skin infections and other health issues because of poor towel hygiene

Men are five times more likely than women to wash towels once a year or less By Tash Mosheim Published: 21:54 GMT, 4 January 2024 | Updated: 22:05 GMT, 4 Januar... read more

The surprising facial feature that could reveal someone is a narcissist

By Luke Andrews Health Reporter For Dailymail.Com Published: 18:03 GMT, 3 January 2024 | Updated: 18:03 GMT, 3 January 2024 People who have dark, bold and well-... read more