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Fitness expert reveals the fascinating reason why you should do weights BEFORE cardio at the gym

By Eve Simmons For The Daily Maiil Published: 21:08 GMT, 27 December 2023 | Updated: 21:14 GMT, 27 December 2023 When it comes to the gym, most of us are easily... read more

Man turned his turkey METALLIC by preparing it in a metal tray…and STILL served it to his guests

By Eve Simmons For Dailymail.Com Published: 16:31 GMT, 27 December 2023 | Updated: 16:37 GMT, 27 December 2023 Of all the Christmas Day cooking disasters, one d... read more

Revealed: The 10 most Googled sex questions in 2023 (including THAT position Love Island star Tom Clare raved about)

Speed bump went viral online after reality stars admitted it was their favourite Also in the top 10 is how many calories sex burns and if fish also have sex By ... read more

Thousands of men with advanced prostate cancer to be offered pill which lowers risk of death by a third

Britons with advanced prostate cancer to get pill to reduce death risk by 1/3 By Jo Macfarlane Published: 22:00 GMT, 23 December 2023 | Updated: 22:31 GMT, 23 D... read more

Aspirin can treat cancer pains as effectively as morphine, new study suggests

Sydney Uni study: Non-addictive aspirin as good as opioids for cancer pain By Ethan Ennals Published: 22:00 GMT, 23 December 2023 | Updated: 22:24 GMT, 23 Decem... read more

Health alert over festive staples: Brussels sprouts and cranberries can interact with medicines, experts warn

MHRA has released its ‘five top tips’ for people taking medicines over Christmas Those taking warfarin should stay away from cranberry products, it ... read more

Doctor finally settles the debate: Is it better to shower in the morning or the evening?

Dr Jason Singh of Virginia shared a TikTok about the best time to shower He said that nighttime has more benefits, including promoting sleep  READ MORE: Why y... read more

Anyone with a cold or flu-like symptoms should avoid mixing with the elderly this Christmas, health leaders warn

New figures show rising numbers flu patients in hospital  are infected with Covid By Shaun Wooller Health Editor Published: 00:59 GMT, 22 December 2023 | Updat... read more

10 Essential Tips for Maintaining Eye Health

Eye health is an important aspect of overall well-being, yet it’s often overlooked in our daily health routines. Maintaining good eye health is essential,... read more

Women’s risk of infertility increases by 3% for every extra 1cm of fat they have on their waist, major US study warns

Researchers analyzed data on 3,200 women in the US aged between 18 and 45 Women who had a waist circumference of 60cm had the lowest infertility rates  READ MO... read more

Urgent recall of popular children’s juices: Safety chiefs warn parents not to let kids drink eight affected orange and apple flavoured products over fears they may be contaminated with metal

 Batch code October 2024: 3261, 3262 November 2024: 3282, 3283 December 2024: 3322 November 2024: 3281, 3282 December 2024:  3321, 3322 January 2024, Mar... read more

Woman, 43, who thought she was having a bad period sheds her entire UTERUS lining at once in rare medical phenomenon

An unhealthy diet Fast food, cured meats and sugary treats might be making your periods worse, Dr Adiele Hoffman, a physician in the UK, said. One 2018 study in... read more

Family Fitness Fun: Engaging Activities for All Ages

Family fitness presents a unique and enjoyable way to merge quality time with loved ones and physical well-being. Engaging in fitness activities as a family not... read more

Hope in battle against deadliest types of cancer after scientists discover new ways to target impenetrable ‘Death Star’ protein that fuels tumour growth

Scientists found ‘vulnerabilities’ in drug-resistant surface of ‘death star’ protein Experts hope the findings could lead to cancer treatments... read more

NHS is dealing with 3,000 ward admissions for obesity EVERY DAY with patient numbers doubling in just six years

The NHS is being forced to deal with 3,000 admissions related to obesity every day, twice as many as it was six years ago, new data has revealed.  The latest N... read more

I’m a neuroscientist – these are the three things I will never do to keep my brain healthy

By Shania Obrien For Daily Mail Australia Published: 04:08 GMT, 18 December 2023 | Updated: 08:08 GMT, 18 December 2023 A neuroscientist and brain coach has rev... read more

Most hospitals have no operations at the weekend despite national backlog of 7.5 million procedures

Fifty-one per cent of hospitals have no planned surgery on the weekends By Victoria Allen Published: 01:24 GMT, 18 December 2023 | Updated: 02:02 GMT, 18 Decemb... read more

Drug which fights hot flushes without HRT is approved for use in the UK

 Fezolinetant could be transformative in tackling symptoms of menopause By Victoria Allen Published: 01:02 GMT, 18 December 2023 | Updated: 01:19 GMT, 18 Decem... read more

Majority of ‘hypoallergenic’ skin care products products contain ingredients that can cause dermatological irritation, new study finds

A study of 208 hypoallergenic product found three in four caused skin irritation Researchers found ingredients that have previously been linked to allergies  ... read more

Demonising vaping is prompting young people to switch to tobacco as mixed messaging suggests they are equally as dangerous, experts warn

Action on Smoking has warned about a rise in smoking among young people Opposition politicians have called for drastic restrictions on the sales of vapes  By E... read more

Hit the snooze button! Weekend lie-ins really could save your life as scientists say extra sleep can reduce the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke

By Pat Hagan Published: 01:43 GMT, 17 December 2023 | Updated: 01:49 GMT, 17 December 2023 We all know that a weekend lie-in is the perfect treat after five day... read more

Having a garden and living in a leafy neighbourhood reduces the risk of having a stroke or developing dementia, study finds

By Roger Dobson Published: 00:39 GMT, 17 December 2023 | Updated: 00:41 GMT, 17 December 2023 Living in a leafy neighbourhood dramatically lowers the risk of ha... read more

Action needed to fight measles as 60,000 children remain unvaccinated by their second birthday

40,000 children had not received a single MMR vaccine dose by the age of five  This is an estimated increase of nearly 10,000 on numbers from 2019/20 By Brend... read more

New gene-altering jab offers hope to children with drug-resistant epilepsy developed by researchers at University College London

Some 600,000 people in Britain suffer from epilepsy, suffering regular seizures The new jab can help children with a specific drug resistant form of epilepsy By... read more