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Neuroscientist reveals how restaurants offer diners bread and alcohol before their meal to trick them into eating MORE

Most diners expect to be given bread and drinks before their order is even taken, and a neuroscientist has revealed it is more of a strategy than convenience. D... read more

Is YOUR name on the list? Study reveals US popular boy names over the past century that are now EXTINCT

A Reddit user compiled data from the US census to track men’s names over time Many popular names in the 20th century fell out of favor by 2000 or soon aft... read more

Apple stops selling its Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 online TODAY as landmark ban comes into force – and shoppers have until Sunday night to buy one in-store

Apple stopped online sales on Thursday for two of its smartwatches  The move is due to Masimo suing Apple over claims it stole technology  By Stacy Liberator... read more

Can YOU spot Santa? Only those with 20/20 vision can find St Nick in just 17 seconds

A brainteaser asks people to find a hidden Santa in just 17 seconds Only nine percent of people who have tried were able to find Santa READ MORE: Find the match... read more

Winter Solstice is tomorrow, marking the shortest day of year with just 7 hours and 49 minutes of daylight

The Winter Solstice officially takes place at 03:27 GMT tomorrow morning There will be just seven hours, 49 minutes and 42 seconds of daylight in London  By Sh... read more

Eminem is no longer the king of cursing – as new study finds a VERY surprising artist with more foul language in their songs

The research analyzed over 3,632 songs from all different genres Eminem has long had the most curse words, but Drake has surpassed the rapper READ MORE:  Emin... read more

Can YOU solve this Christmas brainteaser in 30 seconds? Those who can find a matching snowflake have better concentration abilities

A brainteaser asks people to find a matching snowflake in just 30 seconds People who can quickly match objects have better visual memory skills  READ MORE:  ... read more

Apple services are DOWN: More than 500 MILLION people impacted by issues plaguing payments and cards – just days after it pulled smartwatch sales

Several of Apple’s services have been hit with a worldwide outage There are more than 500 million people who rely on these services for payments READ MORE... read more

NASA’s captures stunning cluster of stars that resembles a Christmas staple with twinkling lights

NASA shared a new image of star-forming region 2,500 light-years from Earth The Christmas Tree Cluster’ was colorized to look like a real holiday tree RE... read more

The most astonishing videos of Iceland’s incredible – and beautiful – volcanic eruption: Stunning footage shows rivers of magma and flame-filled skies

By Rachael Bunyan Published: 10:47 GMT, 19 December 2023 | Updated: 11:26 GMT, 19 December 2023 Advertisement Astonishing videos show the full scale of the spec... read more

Scientists discover why nails on a chalkboard make us cringe

The sound mimics a cry of distress, triggering an emotional response  Nails on a chalkboard are also delivered at a higher frequency READ MORE: Why fingernail... read more

It’s not just elephants who have long memories… Great apes never forget a face, study reveals

By Xantha Leatham Deputy Science Editor Published: 21:35 GMT, 18 December 2023 | Updated: 21:54 GMT, 18 December 2023 A study has revealed that they can remembe... read more

Talk about striking gold! Rare trio of historic British coins including one dating back to 1257 when Henry III was king is set to sell for £1 MILLION at auction

King Charles II and King Henry III coins are expected to fetch £400,000 each Meanwhile, a Queen Anne gold 5 guineas has been valued at £240,000  By Melody Fl... read more

That’s Ace! The thwacking sound of a tennis racket on a ball can reduce anxiety with its deep bass, subtle crispness and variable pitch

Research suggests listening to tennis balls being hit can reduce anxiety Listening to the ‘deep base note’ of a strike can reduce stress by up to ha... read more

Love junk food? Blame the Black Death: Scientists claim plague that killed 60% of Europeans changed our mouth bacteria

The plague that ravaged Europe in the 14th century led to our love of junk food Experts found it changed the bacteria that live in our mouths today READ MORE: ... read more

Topic: Tracing the Trailblazers: The Founders of Nanomedicine

Being curious, amazed, and creative is something that people have done since the beginning of time. People across continents have been using their natural inter... read more

Metro Bank is down leaving thousands of customers without access to their accounts as online services and mobile app aren’t working just WEEKS after last outage

According to DownDetector, problems at Metro Bank started just after 10am  By Shivali Best For Mailonline Published: 11:24 GMT, 14 December 2023 | Updated: 11:... read more

Explaining SD-WAN For Beginners

SD-WAN stands for Software-defined Wide Area Network. Referring to a type of network connection. Organizations will opt to use SD-WAN to facilitate data sharing... read more

What makes the perfect partner? Scientists reveal how women of different ages envisage the man of their dreams – so, do you fit the bill?

Psychologists suggest there are five stages of love – butterflies, building, assimilation, honesty and stability. Each of these stages has a different imp... read more

WhatsApp now lets you PIN key messages to the top of chats – here’s how to try it

WhatsApp now lets you pin key messages to the top of WhatsApp chats This helps save you time so you can find timely messages more easily  By Shivali Best For M... read more

The pesticides in your Pinot Grigio: Study reveals more than HALF of wines sold on the British high street contain toxic chemicals – so, is your favourite bottle affected?

SIX PESTICIDES  – Feteasca Regala (Romania)   FIVE PESTICIDES – Mimo Moutinho Red Blend (Portugal)  – Marks & Spencer Malbec (France)... read more

Scientists develop world’s first ‘mind-reading helmet’ that translates brainwaves into words

Scientists announced the world’s first mind-reading AI that is also portable  The tech translates brainwaves into written text using sensors on the head... read more

Don’t say vegan: People less likely to buy any food when labeled as ‘plant-based’, study finds

When a food gift basket was labeled ‘vegan’ only 20 percent of people chose it But when it was labeled ‘healthy and sustainable’ it had... read more

How much did YOU spend on your pet this year? Survey reveals average amount Americans forked out on cats and dogs in 2023

A survey looked at vet bills, food, treats and luxury items spent on pets Researchers found pet owners reported spending more than they expected READ MORE:  O... read more