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Peregrine Mission One lunar lander carrying JFK’s DNA suffers ‘anomaly’ as it heads to the moon

A private mission carrying human remains to the moon suffered an anomaly The craft was unable to point its solar panels toward the sun while in space READ MORE:... read more

People who live with robot pet report lower stress – similar to effects of having a real dog, research finds

Study found pet robot penguin helped lower stress levels like owning a dog By Roger Dobson Published: 01:41 GMT, 7 January 2024 | Updated: 01:41 GMT, 7 January ... read more

Verizon is DOWN: Americans hit with widespread outage impacting cell service – leaving customers unable to make phone calls or text

Verizon’s mobile service is down across the US as of late Friday afternoon  The outage is impacting both iPhone and Android users  By Stacy Liberatore ... read more

BBC The Traitors game lets you play along with the TV show – so, can you correctly guess who’s next to be murdered?

BBC has launched a new online predictor game for ‘The Traitors obsessives’ It lets you guess who will be murdered next, and who the Faithfuls will b... read more

World’s biggest cruise ship prepares for service: 1,198 foot-long, 20-DECK Icon Of The Seas with a 55ft waterfall and rooms for 7,600 guests arrives in Puerto Rico during trials

The world’s largest cruise ship has made its way to Puerto Rico as it prepared to set sail for the first time.  Locals and tourists in Ponce, Puerto Rico... read more

Boy ‘prodigy,’ 13, is the first known person to beat iconic 1988 Tetris video game for Nintendo – and he did it in 38 minutes

A 13-year-old boy from Oklahoma has become the first person to beat Tetris Willis Gibson reached level 157 when he was able to crash the game READ MORE:  Was ... read more

Revealed: What UK cities will look like in 2050, according to AI – so, is your hometown set to change?

A film editor has used AI to imagine what five cities will look like in 2050 The resulting images feature a range of futuristic tranport systems By Melody Fletc... read more

A ‘rare insight’ into Alan Turing’s mind: Unpublished papers sell at auction for £381,400 – revealing his attempts to develop a portable encryption system and voice scrambler

Alan Turing (pictured) was a British mathematician best known for his work cracking the enigma code during the Second World War Alan Turing was a British mathem... read more

The Best Approach to Control AI Technologies

The last few years have shown a drastic growth and development of AI globally. In Ukraine, this sector has also been deeply studied and implemented to help peop... read more

What is an example of a digital food?

In the age of technological innovation, the convergence of food and digital technology has given rise to a fascinating concept known as digital food. This trans... read more

Can YOU spot the pinwheel fireworks? Only those with eagle eyes can find three circular explosives in just 30 seconds

The brainteaser has three hidden pinwheeled-shaped fireworks The goal is to find all three hiding among other fireworks in under 30 seconds  READ MORE: Can YO... read more

City-sized ‘Devil comet’ is set to ‘blow’ TOMORROW, say scientists who found space rock racing toward Earth erupts every 15 days

 Cryovolcanic comet 12P/Pons-Brooks has a diameter of about 18.6 miles Scientists found it erupts every 15 days, putting the next one on Friday  READ MORE: ... read more

Can a man still be a ’10’ if he has an Android? Women are asked if ranking of a potential mate changes depending on their smartphone… So what do YOU think?

A TikToker took to the streets to see if men with Androids are deal breakers Many women said the smartphone choice drops his rank to a ‘zero’ READ M... read more

Urgent recall of popular dog and cat in seven US states due to salmonella risks – and FDA warns contaminated products could infect human owners

North Carolina-based Blue Ridge Beef has recalled three pet products These included Kitten Grind, Kitten Mix and Puppy Mix sold in seven states READ MORE:  Sa... read more

Scientists crack case of decapitated seal pups that have been found on California beaches since 2016  – and they say the culprit is ‘surprising’

Scientists said the cuts were jagged and could not have been made by a knife They set up a camera on a beach and captured footage of the culprit  READ MORE: ... read more

Mathematicians reveal the secrets to getting an edge playing board games this Christmas… Including what to buy in Monopoly and which character to choose in Cluedo

By Victoria Allen Science Editor Published: 00:35 GMT, 26 December 2023 | Updated: 07:55 GMT, 27 December 2023 Many of us sitting down to play board games with ... read more

Is that Dasher and Dancer? Flying deer in red coats are spotted over Utah

By Stacy Liberatore For Published: 16:29 GMT, 22 December 2023 | Updated: 16:30 GMT, 22 December 2023 Flying deer were spotted over Utah just days... read more

Neuroscientist reveals how restaurants offer diners bread and alcohol before their meal to trick them into eating MORE

Most diners expect to be given bread and drinks before their order is even taken, and a neuroscientist has revealed it is more of a strategy than convenience. D... read more

Is YOUR name on the list? Study reveals US popular boy names over the past century that are now EXTINCT

A Reddit user compiled data from the US census to track men’s names over time Many popular names in the 20th century fell out of favor by 2000 or soon aft... read more

Apple stops selling its Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 online TODAY as landmark ban comes into force – and shoppers have until Sunday night to buy one in-store

Apple stopped online sales on Thursday for two of its smartwatches  The move is due to Masimo suing Apple over claims it stole technology  By Stacy Liberator... read more

Can YOU spot Santa? Only those with 20/20 vision can find St Nick in just 17 seconds

A brainteaser asks people to find a hidden Santa in just 17 seconds Only nine percent of people who have tried were able to find Santa READ MORE: Find the match... read more

Winter Solstice is tomorrow, marking the shortest day of year with just 7 hours and 49 minutes of daylight

The Winter Solstice officially takes place at 03:27 GMT tomorrow morning There will be just seven hours, 49 minutes and 42 seconds of daylight in London  By Sh... read more

Eminem is no longer the king of cursing – as new study finds a VERY surprising artist with more foul language in their songs

The research analyzed over 3,632 songs from all different genres Eminem has long had the most curse words, but Drake has surpassed the rapper READ MORE:  Emin... read more

Can YOU solve this Christmas brainteaser in 30 seconds? Those who can find a matching snowflake have better concentration abilities

A brainteaser asks people to find a matching snowflake in just 30 seconds People who can quickly match objects have better visual memory skills  READ MORE:  ... read more