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Chad Johnson goes shirtless in ex’s throwback video

Love blossomed for him in the Celebrity Big Brother house when he fell for now-girlfriend Sarah Harding. But Chad Johnson, 30,  has risked upsetting his Girls ... read more

Watch the amazing moment the moon photobombs the sun

NASA’s sun-monitoring spacecraft has captured the remarkable moment the moon carried out a lunar transit, effectively photobombing the sun. The moon blocked o... read more

Google Pixel 2 XL has serious screen burn-in issues

It was launched to much fanfare earlier this month, but the Google Pixel 2 XL is facing complaints just weeks after it was released for testing. Screen burn-in ... read more

Nasa has a spacecraft cemetery where it buries satellites

Nasa has a ‘spacecraft cemetery’ where it buries used satellites by crashing them into a remote region in the Pacific Ocean. ‘Point Nemo’... read more

Rebecca Black says she received death threats over Friday

The teenage voice behind Friday, playfully dubbed the world’s most annoying song, has revealed the more sinister abuse she received after sweeping the int... read more

NASA mission discovers ‘twisted solar wind’ on Mars

An invisible magnetic ‘tail’ shaped unlike any other in the solar system is trailing behind Mars, NASA has discovered. While other planets, such as Venus an... read more

Would you fly on a plane with ‘superbendy’ wings?

NASA is testing a radical ‘bendy wing’ plane design that could soon mean passengers planes use far less fuel on long flights. The strange design dum... read more

NASA astronauts replace blurry camera on robot arm

Astronauts went spacewalking Friday to provide some necessary focus to the International Space Station’s robot arm. The main job for commander Randy Bresn... read more

NASA releases 3D map of Mars with images taken by rover

If you’re curious to know what it’s like to walk on Mars now is your chance with a new 3D map that allows you to explore the red planet from your de... read more

NZ extreme eater goes through an entire jar of Nutella

It’s hard to come by an individual who isn’t partial to the occasional helping of deliciously smooth hazelnut spread. But one women has taken her ap... read more

Lyft gets $1bn from Google to rev up challenge to Uber

New funding gives Lyft a valuation of $11 billion Comes as Uber has been left reeling from a series of missteps and scandals  Funding round was led by CapitalG... read more

Ex of Marilyn Monroe photographer sues Google

The ex-girlfriend of late legendary photographer Bert Stern has filed a suit against Google after she received threats from a woman pretending to be the artist&... read more

Amateur sculptor creates scarily realistic Pennywise model

Novice sculptor creates terrifying clown model from Stephen King’s ‘It’  Nicholas Brown produced the bust in ten days after teaching himself ... read more

Solar winds could ELECTRIFY Martian moons, NASA says

Mars’ small moon Phobos has been eyed as a possible site for a future base, where astronauts could be stationed to remotely control robotic missions on the Ma... read more

‘Pyramids’ spotted at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean

Speculation that there are mysterious pyramids at the bottom of the Atlantic is circulating online. Conspiracy theorists have been debating whether a video post... read more

Bus-sized asteroid will come past Earth tonight

Last week, asteroid 2012 TC4 made a close shave with Earth, as it soared past at a distance of just 27,000 miles above the surface. And experts have warned that... read more

Uranus will be closest to Earth tomorrow and visible

You might not need a telescope to spot Uranus tonight. The ice giant planet will reach opposition on Thursday, bringing it to the closest point in its orbit to ... read more

Evidence that Planet Nine does exist piles up

Scientists have long debated whether or not a mysterious ninth planet lurks at the edge of our solar system. Some astronomers think the existence of the alleged... read more

NASA reveals gigantic killer cloud of icy cyanide on Titan

Cassini has revealed a killer cloud high in the atmosphere of Saturn’s moon Titan. Although the craft plunged to its death several weeks ago, NASA teams a... read more

Google Maps now lets you go to space

Google already lets you explore every part of Earth – and now it has expanded elsewhere in the universe. The search giant has been working with NASA to in... read more

Nasa astronaut shows off fidget spinner in micro-gravity

By now, you’ve probably had your fill of fidget spinners – but, a new video from NASA has given the gadget another shot at life, this time in microgravity. ... read more

The moon set to get inflatable space station in 2022

The firm that send the first inflatable space module to the International Space Station has revealed an even bigger project – a space station orbiting the... read more

Google’s machine learning AI learns to replicate itself

Google’s machine learning artificial intelligence software has learned to replicate itself for the first time. The firm first revealed its AutoML project ... read more

Terrifying footage shows hiker climb to outcrop in Iceland

It will be a real challenge for some people to watch this clip without their palms sweating. The footage shows a hiker, with apparently no safety equipment what... read more