CBD Stocks: Why Buying Is a Smart Move

History of Cannabis

For centuries, cannabis has been valued not only for fiber and robe, but also as food and medicine for its psychoactive properties, recreational use, and for religious ceremonies. The history of the plant and its usage dates back to at least the third millennium. This plant belongs to Central Asia and is considered one of the earliest plants to be cultivated. It was used to make an early form of paper, clothes, shoes, and ropes. Besides practical uses, ancient people used the plant for ceremonial practices. Herodotus writes that Scythians often smoked the plant for rituals and for their own pleasurable recreation.

Throughout the centuries, the plant quickly spread around the world. From Asia to Europe, Africa, and the Americas, it quickly became popular among many communities. However, it was in the 19th century when the marijuana plant was restricted in the colonial world, often associated with racial and class stresses. As the colonial powers absorbed into more and more cannabis-consuming regions, the plant began to spread to new areas causing some alarm among the authorities. Although many countries started importing and cultivating the plant for its fibers, slaves with a cannabis habit used it for recreation, leading some regions to prohibit the use and punishing the users.

Prohibition and Recognition of Cannabis:

Although in the early 20th century, cannabis began to be used primarily as an ingredient in medications, after the Drug Wars with China and the widespread opium problem in the states, cannabis became widely criminalized. By 1930, the Federal Bureau of Narcotics was founded. Propaganda and stories about murder and rampant insanity among those who use the drug were spread. Cannabis could be used only for cloth and rope. In the mid-50s, two laws were passed that brought the country to its current philosophy of outlawing addictive drugs and punishing users. With the Boggs Act and the Narcotics Control Act of 1856, cannabis possession got you between two to ten years behind bars.

Nowadays, things are a little bit different. CBD-infused products can be purchased from special shops called dispensaries. It’s legal to use cannabis in many states now. People have come a long way to realize that marijuana can actually help them. When used cautiously, cannabis helps alleviate pain and many medical conditions. Treating cancer, stress, anxiety, MS, and Alzheimer’s with cannabis is common practice, so investing in CBD stocks is a wise decision.

Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. (CWBHF) is the largest company in the world specializing in producing cannabidiol products. The hemp used for making CBD-infused products is grown by experts in Colorado or purchased from partners growing industrial hemp in Kentucky and Oregon. The concentration of THC inthe plants is under 0.3% which makes them fundamentally different from other products on the market – So one can sell items in any store, and they are legal in all 50 states and many countries around the world, whether the country has its own medical-cannabis program or not.

These days CBD is a hot topic. It consists of compounds of the Cannabis Sativa plant that are low on THC (the psychoactive element producing the “high” effect). It looks like the market these days is opening up in a big way for this type of product. Additionally, thanks to the Farm Bill passed last December by Congress, CBD is no longer treated as an illegal substance, making CBD stocks a great opportunity for many. CWBHF has distribution across more than 3000 retail locations. The growth has been strong, and recently, the company issued $71.5 million in stocks. In other words, the future of this business seems pretty bright.

The popularity of CBD products will only grow with time as the product is widely used in the medical industry. More businesses are looking at cannabis and finding new ways of incorporating it, including lines of high-end cosmetic products, the food industry, and even for pet treatment.