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Chaos in the queues as frustrated New Yorkers face waits at the city’s salad bars in New Year surge

Chaos as New Yorkers turn over a new leaf: Salad bars hit by long waits and FIGHTS after thousands ditch fast food for their New Year’s health purge

  • People have been lining up round the block in New York to get their New Year fix
  • Customers grew irate with ‘crazy’ waiting times as customers piled in this week
  • Meanwhile fast food restaurants are struggling for business with the new trend 

Salad bars in New York City have been mobbed with new customers trying to make good on their New Year’s resolutions.

Lines were forming round the block at numerous salad restaurants in the city as people attempted to ditch the fast food.

One businessman became so irate with the wait he was heard to yell, ‘You guys can go f**k yourselves!’ as he stormed away from Chopt on West 51st Street.

Another suited businessman looking flustered on his way out said: ‘The last few days after New Year’s have been crazy because of the resolutions and people wanting to eat healthy.’ 

Customers line up outside Chopt salad bars, one man was heard to yell ‘You guys can go f**k yourselves!’ as he grew frustrated with the queue

Customers have been queing around the block to get their green New Year fix at Chopt salad bars in New York City

Customers have been queing around the block to get their green New Year fix at Chopt salad bars in New York City

Meanwhile the security guard stationed at one usually packed Manhattan McDonald’s said it had been ‘very, very slow,’ according to the New York Post.

One worker at Just Salad in Midtown said it was always the case in the New Year as people tried to eat more healthily.

At Sweetgreen, on East 55th Street, Julie Pastor said she had to wait behind more than 50 people to get a guacamole-and-greens bowl, the Post reported.

While fast-food restaurants empty out, the salad sellers are cashing in on the New Year spirit, offering special offers and rewards programs to patrons.

Meanwhile the popular Mexican fast food chain, Chipotle, is offering ‘Lifestyle Bowls’ to appeal to dieters.

They are offering salads tailored to the Keto, Paleo and Whole30 diets which are sweeping the nation, according to USA Today.


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