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Chinese company launches share-a-sexdoll app for £34 a day

  • Life-size silicone sex dolls are available to be shared by public users in China
  • The app has released five different models including a schoolgirl and a nurse
  • Each doll will be sanitised five times and have its private parts changed after use

A Chinese company has launched an app which would allow customers to rent a sex doll for £34 a day.

The app, called ‘Touch’, today released silicone models dressed in different characters, including Wonder Woman, a schoolgirl and a maid and a nurse. The clients can customise the hair style and skin colour of their dolls.

The company said they would replace the ‘critical parts’ of the sex dolls for every new customer. 

Share a girlfriend: The app, called ‘Touch’, launched five sex doll models today and they included Wonder Woman, a school girl, a nurse and a maid

‘Touch’ is launched amid a boom of the sharing economy in China. 

The company requires customers to pay a deposit of 8000 yuan (£914) before hiring a life-size sex doll for 298 yuan (£34) a day. The dolls would be delivered to the customer’s address.

Spokesperson of ‘Touch’ told that the service was aimed at young white-collar workers aged from 20 to 35 years old.

All silicone sex dolls are equipped with voice and heating function.

The fee is £34 a day and the company guaranteed to change the 'critical parts' every time

The fee is £34 a day and the company guaranteed to change the ‘critical parts’ every time

Customers can customise the doll’s hair styles, eye colour and skin colour. In addition, they can pay to upgrade the doll so it would come with props.

A spokesperson at ‘Touch’ told the reporter that all sex dolls would be sanitised by professional cleaners for five times for every new customer. The company also guaranteed to change the doll’s ‘critical parts’ every time after it is used.

The market price of a life-size silicone sex doll is up to 10,000 yuan (£1,142), according to the company.

According to, ‘Touch’ has already got 53 million users on its app and 45 per cent of them were people in their 20s.

It’s said that 30 per cent of their customers are female.