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Choosing the Right Printed Gazebo for Your Corporate Event

An event gazebo is a must-have for any outdoor gathering. Coupled with the right event tent accessories, you get a stunning event venue that not just impresses your invitees but also makes your company the center of attention.

Corporate events are typically a formal affair with a broad target audience including (but not limited to) employees, stakeholders, board members, existing customers, and/or potential clients. Most events aim to educate, motivate, reward, celebrate, mark significant milestones, encourage collaboration, and manage organizational changes.

Owing to their very nature, corporate events require a more serious level of preparation. This is the primary reason that businesses and event organizers prefer a flexible arrangement that is convenient to set up, can accommodate any unexpected guests, and be decorated as per the brand image. A printed gazebo offers the best bang for the buck.

Perks of using an event gazebo for corporate events

Corporate branding – Just the way you want it

As I said, you’ve got an image to maintain. Everything inside has to be arranged strategically while the exterior setup should put your brand in the spotlight. Walled venues do not offer the same level of customization as printed gazebos. You have several options to customize your corporate marquee – buy it printed in colors and artwork of your choice and in sizes that you require.

Flexibility – Like you’ve never known

Whether you’ve planned your annual corporate night or a fundraiser, corporate marquees offer you amazing flexibility. For instance, pavilion marquees from Extreme Marquee come in an array of styles and sizes – the 3×6 marquee and the 4×4 gazebo being the most popular choices Australia-wide!

Waterproof shield – Rain, rain, go away

“I love when I wake up to the pitter-patter of raindrops on the day of my event” – said no one ever! Luckily, a waterproof event gazebo keeps water away from your guests, supplies, and seating. A waterproof corporate marquee is a non-negotiable must-have especially in Australia, the land of unpredictable weather conditions.

Event gazebos and inflatable tents from Extreme Marquees are waterproof, flame retardant, and UV-resistant, offering you 360-degree protection against inclement weather.

Affordable – One-time investment

A walled venue will set you back by a couple of thousand grand for a single event – that you might or might not have the budget for. For a fraction of the cost, you can buy a printed gazebo that will last you for over a decade, get it printed with custom branding, and use it as frequently as you want.

Sounds good. But there’s just one other thing.

What size marquee do I need?

Buying an event gazebo is just like buying a car. Just as everybody prefers different car models, every business event has different requirements too. The printed gazebo sizes vary with the following factors:

Location: Where will you set up your marquee?

  • Have you decided where the gazebo will be erected? How big is it? Is it privately owned or part of another venue?
  • Can you access the location with large vehicles? Event gazebos like our pavilion marquees require an articulated freight vehicle to carry everything to the venue site.

But this doesn’t mean we cannot transport marquees to far-flung places. We’ve craned them at previous events, set them up over houses, and incorporated garden borders and staircases. However, you might want to consider this for choosing an appropriately sized marquee for your event.

Guests: How will you seat or accommodate your invitees?

  • Gazebo sizes fluctuate depending on whether your guests will be seated, the style of seating, table layout, catering, and podium installation.
  • If your event is going to have section-wise participation, then it means there will be a varying number of guests at different times. This means that you’ll have to create zones inside the gazebo that in turn, will affect the overall size of your corporate marquee.

Requirements: How will you utilize the space inside your event gazebo?

  • This depends on the type of event that you’ve planned. Exhibitions, conferences, award ceremonies, charity fundraisers, product launches, and team building events can all fit perfectly inside an event gazebo – with the flexibility to design the space exactly as you want.
  • Some event organizers prefer using a gazebo as a flexible extra space – for storage, catering, or crew lounge. In this case, you don’t need an expansive setup. A simple printed gazebo should suffice.

So, what size event gazebo do I need?

A simple rule of thumb that we follow is this: a 10 by 10 sq. ft. area with a round table accommodates about 7 to 8 guests. On the other hand, a minimum of 12 by 12 ft. is needed to fit in about 8 tables along with a buffet line. So, if you have about 300 invitees, you’re going to need 38 tables to accommodate them with about a 3800 sq. ft. event gazebo to cover them.

  • A 20 ft. wide (6mt) event gazebo can easily be expanded to any length in multiples of 3mt. This type of arrangement is suitable for product launches, conferences, seminars, and shareholder and board member meetings.
  • A 30 ft. wide (9mt) corporate marquee can be extended to your desired length in multiples of 3mt. They are ideal for medium to large scale events such as exhibitions, team building events, tradeshows, annual corporate events, gala dinners & award ceremonies, and year-end functions.

Below are seating and standing plans for both the 6mt and 9mt wide event marquees so that you get a better idea*:

6x6m 6x9m 6x12m 6x15m 6x18m 6x21m 6x24m 6x27m 6x30m
Seated Guests 30 45 60 75 95 110 125 140 150
Standing Guests 45 70 95 120 140 160 180 210 250


9x6m 9x9m 9x12m 9x15m 9x18m 9x21m 9x24m 9x27m 9x30m
Seated Guests 45 72 95 120 150 170 180 210 250
Standing Guests 70 110 140 170 210 250 290 320 350

*These are approximations. Kindly request a site visit for accurate size recommendations.

However, this size chart doesn’t take into account the buffet space, bar counters, podium, stage, catering tables, etc. Do get in touch with our service experts at 1300 850 832 to get detailed insights on the right printed gazebo for your event.

Another good idea is to use scale drawings. These drawings are effective in showing the kind of layout your boss or client wants without compromising on branding and promotion. Scale drawings look something like this:

Credits: Southern Marquees 

Do make sure to seek the opinion of your vendor before purchasing your event gazebo. Experienced marquee suppliers such as Extreme Marquees can help you with calculating the right size of your gazebo. We can also carry out a site visit to move things along. Just get in touch with our experts at 1300 850 832 to discuss your requirements in detail.



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