CNN host Jake Tapper tells Ellen he had a ‘rather large crush’ on the gay icon in the 1980s

CNN host Jake Tapper went on Ellen Tuesday and revealed to her that he had a ‘large’ crush on her when she was first starting out in the 1980’s, however, her wife Portia is likely unbothered by the admission. 

During the first few minutes of her show, the light banter quickly turned to Tapper’s adoration of the daytime talk show host, revealing ‘I have to say I’ve known of you since the late 1980s.’ He added: I was a big fan of a little show called Open House.  

And then, Tapper, 49, awkwardly revealed to gay icon: ‘I have to confess that I had a rather large crush on you at the time.’

CNN’s Jake Tapper appeared on Ellen on Tuesday and revealed he had a huge crush on her back in the 1980s, years before she came out to the world as a lesbian in 1997

The host cracked ‘Oh… sorry. Sorry to disappoint.’

Ellen DeGeneres, 60, announced to the world that she was a lesbian back in 1997 in an interview with Time magazine.  

Tapper said no hard feelings that the attraction wouldn’t be reciprocated, responding ‘I made my peace with it some time ago.’

Tapper, who was on the morning talk show promoting his book ‘The Hellfire Club,’ also touched on his 20 plus years in broadcast television and relating his experience to the current administration.

Ellen promoted him, asking: So what is happening? Have you ever seen anything like what is happening right now?’

Tapper deadpanned, ‘No. It ‘s crazy.’ To which Ellen added, ‘And scary.’

However, while Tapper agreed with Ellen’s sentiments, he expounded: ‘It can be scary. I do have a lot of faith in American institutions, in checks and balances, and the free press still thrives and we get to say what we want to say.’

‘Its very odd. We have never had a president talk and act this way. We’ve never had a direct line from the id of a president’s brain out to the world’ via Twitter, he said explained.  

Ellen pictured with wife Portia de Rossi in February, they have been married almost 10 years

Ellen pictured with wife Portia de Rossi in February, they have been married almost 10 years

Tapper's wife, Jennifer Brown, was likely unbothered by her husband's secret crush reveal

Tapper’s wife, Jennifer Brown, was likely unbothered by her husband’s secret crush reveal

Being from the CNN family, and the president’s favorite news outlet punching bag, Ellen asked, ‘Does it bother you he attacks CNN, calling it fake news.

‘It bothers me when he attacks the media over and over and over again. And he seems he uses the term fake news almost exclusively about news that is true that I don’t like.’  

‘But it bothers me more when he goes after the disabled or goes after someone with a drug or alchole problem,like he did a few days ago, it’s indecent.’

Tapper did however, say at least when it comes Trump’s use of Twitter, that at least you know what he’s thinking.