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Common Motorcycle Injuries That Can Change Rest of The Rider’s Life

When you ride a motorcycle or any kind of vehicle, you are prone to accidents. You can be careful with driving and can take measures but when you are on the road accidents are a possibility. Many people go through major accidents while riding motorcycles. Head injuries can even lead you to death. In this scenario, if you had insurance, it can help you in surviving, and for that, you must hire a lawyer or attorney as directly contacting the company can lower your claim. If you are from Orange County California, you can findĀ  Accident attorney in Orange online as well.

Main Cause of Motorcycle Accidents

Multiple reasons can lead to a major motorcycle accident. You might go through an accident if you are not an experienced motorcycle rider or if you don’t abide by the traffic rules which includes not driving in a specific lane, not avoiding over speeding, not giving indicators, frequent lane change, driving under the influence of drugs and other factors like this. You can meet an accident due to the bad condition/health of your motorcycle.

Common Injuries

There are different kinds of injuries caused by a motorcycle accident, and most of them can be lethal enough to take your life or paralyze you for the rest of your life. Some of them are explained below:

Broken bones

The injury can sometimes be in the form of broken bones. If the bones are broken by accident, you might go through surgery. Broken bones are a greater risk. In some cases, you can’t get them treated.


Fracture takes less time to recover and is minor than a properly broken bone, but they can also make you have bed rest of month at times.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)

Traumatic injuries are the major risk in motorcycle accidents. These injuries can cause complete damage to your brain at times. If you are lucky enough, you might just have mild concussions.


To recover from a whiplash injury, you might require two to three months usually. It is an injury of the neck that can be caused in a motorcycle accident as the rider falling would face severe jerks.

Spinal cord injuries

The spinal cord comprises the major portion of the nervous system, and all our reflex actions and movements depend on this. A spinal cord injury can cause lifetime problems for the victim.

Partial and total paralysis

Accidents can lead to complete or partial paralysis depending on the severity. One might lose the limbs part or major damage to the brain leads to it.

Road rash burns

Rashes are not usually very dangerous and can be treated at home as well. Just make sure they are disinfected and then taken care of.

How to Avoid Major Injuries?

To avoid accidents, you should follow traffic rules, wear a helmet, take care of your motorcycle’s health, and be cautious about your driving. But for the backup always have insurance so that you can get a claim if something unfortunate happens.