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Crazy Time Slot by Evolution Gaming

If you want to get many vivid impressions, Crazy Time is at your service. It is a unique and addictive online game released by Evolution Gaming. The successful Dream Catcher title inspired the developers, so the gameplay is built around a big money wheel. Live technologies are used here, and players will interact with real charming hosts.

Since the game uses the HTML5 platform, it can be run not only on a PC but also on any mobile device. Since it has a live format, it can only be played for real money, that is, you will not find the Crazy Time slot demo. But if necessary, you can try different simulation services in which you can predict the results.

How to play Crazy Time Slot?

Be prepared for the fact that this is not a boring and monotonous slot. It is a real show that will give you a lot of fun. Once you launch the game, you will see a bright and stylish studio, in the center of which is a huge wheel. It is divided into 54 sectors, on any of which you can place bets. Most of the sectors consist of numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10. If you place a bet on one of them and wins, it will be multiplied by that number. There are also names of bonus games in the sectors. If you are lucky, you will have access to any of the following bonuses:

  • Cash Hunt;
  • Pachinko;
  • Coin Flip;
  • Crazy Time.

A charming host will rotate this large wheel. Together with it, a small slot will turn, which is located above it. At the end of the spin, it displays a random sector and a multiplier. If the sector on the slot coincides with the sector on which you place a bet, then in case of a win, your bet or multipliers in the bonus game will be multiplied by the coefficient displayed on the slot. This game is fast-paced and fun, even though a minimum of participation is required from you. You don’t even need to look for Crazy Time progressive pokies NZ demo because the rules are elementary. Just place your bets and get your winnings.

Bonus games

Crazy Time bonuses occupy nine sectors out of 54 on the wheel, some game names are repeated two or three times. The less often the name mode appears on the wheel, the more significant winnings it can give. If you place a bet on such a sector and the arrow points to it after the wheel spins, you will find yourself in a different section of the studio for a specific bonus game. Each has no less simple rules than the primary mode and is led by a professional presenter.

Cash Hunt

This bonus game has two sectors per wheel. It is an unusual shooting range. You will see a large screen with a nice green background behind it. After the presenter activates the bonus, different targets,  there are 108 of them, will begin to move on this screen. Various symbols represent them, including:

  • sheriff’s badge;
  • cactus;
  • rabbit;
  • red apple

There is a random multiplier hidden behind each target. You need to trust your luck and try to guess where the biggest multiplier is. At the end of this bonus game, all targets will open, and you will find out the size of the multiplier you won.

Coin Flip

The name of this bonus mode appears four times on the main wheel. Coin Flip has even simpler rules than Cash Hunt. You don’t need to look for a demo slot Crazy Time, you can start playing for real money right away. This game takes place next to the main studio hall where the money wheel is located.

Once in this mode, you will see a small screen with a spinning coin. One side is blue, and the other is red. Before the automatic coin toss occurs, a random multiplier is displayed on each side. The side at the top after the coin toss wins. Your stake will be multiplied by the number displayed on the winning side.


This Crazy Time bonus has two sectors on the wheel. When creating this mode, the developers took Japanese slots with pinball elements, which are called pachinko. If you win access to this bonus, the host will jump to the large screen next to the Cash Hunt mode screen.

First, many gold coins will be displayed on the screen. Then they will disappear, and different multipliers will appear in turn. They will alternately and randomly fill the bottom with the screen. Also, among them will be the word ‘Double.’ Physical pegs will appear above it and the numbers. They fill almost the entire screen.

After that, a yellow square will begin to move over the topmost pegs. After a while, it will stop at a random place. Then, the presenter will climb the steps behind the screen and throw a puck in the place of the yellow square. It will descend through the pegs until it lands completely. If the puck falls on the word ‘Double,’ then the presenter will roll it again, and all the multipliers shown below will be doubled. It will repeat until the puck falls by one of the numbers or until any of the multipliers reaches 10,000.

Crazy Time bonus

In this mode, the most valuable prizes await the players themselves. The name of this bonus game appears only once per wheel. You will be lucky if you place a bet on this sector, and it will win. If this happens, the presenter will go to the red door located in the studio near this wheel.

After the presenter is behind this door, you will find yourself in an incredibly impressive room together with her. It even has a slightly crazy environment. A steam train, penguins, and many other fun elements make the gameplay even more fun. Amid all this, a huge wheel is much larger than what is in the main mode.

On the wheel, you will see many sectors of different colors. Most of them show different multipliers, but in addition to them, there are several sectors with the words Double and Triple. There are three large arrows above the wheel: green, blue, and yellow. You will need to choose one of them. The decision must be made within 12 seconds. After that, the presenter will press the big red button, which will start the rotation of this wheel.

Crazy Time mode will end as soon as the spin ends and the arrow of your choice points to the number. Your stake will be multiplied by it. But the bonus game will continue if the arrow you selected points to Double or Triple. If this happens, then all the numbers in the sectors will be multiplied by 2 or 3, and the wheel will rotate again. This can be repeated several times until the arrow points to the sector with a number or until the maximum multiplier reaches 20,000.