Dashcam driver collides with two merging cars is slammed by road users on social media

Dashcam driver is slammed as she outs herself by sharing TWO very avoidable merging fails which both end in completely unnecessary collisions

  • A dashcam owner has been slammed by road users for her driving behaviour
  • The woman uploaded footage of instances where she hit two merging sedans  
  • She was lambasted for her lack of ‘patience’ and ‘courtesy’ to the other drivers 

A driver who collided with two cars in separate moments but under almost exactly the same circumstances has been blasted by fellow road users for her lack of ‘courtesy’ and ‘patience’.

The woman posted dashcam footage of two avoidable instances where a car trying to merge slammed into her vehicle.

The clips were later shared by the popular Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page. 

An ‘impatient’ driver with a dashcam has been slammed by fellow road users for hitting two cars in two avoidable instances 

In the first video, the driver merged into the right hand lane behind an ambulance on a two-lane road in the Victorian town of Glenroy.

A parked car in the left hand lane forces another vehicle to merge into the right lane in front of the woman.

The two cars bump into each other after the woman sped up and hit her car horn to try and stop the driver from merging. 

‘Oh, you f***king idiot. Really?’ she can be heard saying.

In the second video, the same woman is seen in the left hand lane on a highway.

She speeds up next to a white sedan driving in the right lane.

The sedan indicates left and tries to move into the woman’s lane, hitting the bull bar on the front of her vehicle.

‘Oh wow, you f***king idiot,’ she shouted to the driver before slamming them for allegedly looking at their phone. 

The second clip sees the woman getting hit by another merging sedan on a highway. The sedan runs into her bull bar.

The second clip sees the woman getting hit by another merging sedan on a highway. The sedan runs into her bull bar. 

The woman’s driving behaviour was heavily scrutinised in the comments section of Dash Cam Owners Australia’s post.


Do you believe the dashcam driver was in the wrong?

  • Yes 9 votes
  • No 4 votes
  • Yes in the first video, but no in the second 2 votes
  • No in the first video, but yes in the second 0 votes

One wrote: ‘Maybe, just maybe DC driver could apply the brakes instead of the horn seeing as this has happened to you twice.’

‘Lucky you have a big bull bar so you can absolutely refuse to give any leeway to other cars on the road,’ a second wrote.

‘Courtesy and patience is cheaper than crashing into someone,’ commented another. 

‘Both completely predictable and avoidable.’

A fourth added: ‘Accidents on purpose and all protected by a bullbar. Didn’t have the courtesy to let the first driver in; and sat in the blind spot of the second driver far too long.’

One road user claimed the woman was making ‘insurance premiums higher’ because of the kind of driving behaviour she displayed. 

‘DC driver is an absolute flog. That first one could have EASILY been avoided!’ said another.  

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