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Destination Europe: 5 Beautiful Locations You Need To Visit

Europe is full of incredible destinations. Cities like Paris, Rome, and London are travel favorites for many and bucket lists items for others. For those looking to get the grandeur of Europe but who want to explore more unique and beautiful localities, follow this guide to five spots you won’t want to miss.

Breathtaking Scenery

When planning a European vacation, you should not overlook the natural beauty of the continent. While the cities get most of the attention, destinations like the fjords of Norway offer unparalleled natural sights.

The best way to see these incredible landforms is from the deck of one of the many Northern Europe cruises.

Norway is home to more than a thousand fjords, giving you plenty of options to view this idyllic scenery. Alternatively, you can hike your way around the region. Don’t forget to rent a kayak to get the best of both worlds while visiting.

You can take advantage of the Flåm Railway to help as you move between fjords on your journey.

Medieval Streetways

For architecture lovers, Europe is a favorite. If you want to get lost on medieval streets, look no further than Tallinn’s Old Town, where the well-preserved 13th-century architecture made the district a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While you roam around the cobblestone streets, be sure to visit some of the gothic churches, museums, and galleries.

For those looking for libations, you can book a pub crawl to see some of the popular bars housed in the enchanting architecture of the city. If you want a medieval experience, book a table at Restaurant Olde Hansa. The restaurant is hosted in the former home of a rich merchant and serves dishes prepared according to 700-year-old recipes.

Snowy Slopes

The Alps is a favorite of skiers worldwide. There is no better place to enjoy the best of the Alps than Zermatt. Known best for the towering Matterhorn that serves as a scenic backdrop to the village, you won’t want to miss this impressive destination.

Before you go, take note that Zermatt is car-free. You will need to book a train to arrive and be ready to walk or bike.

After you arrive and check into your chalet, head out to the slopes for unrivaled skiing or snowboarding experiences. If looking for thrills, you can try paragliding to get a birds-eye view of the region. No trip to Zermatt is complete without tasting some of the Swiss delicacies available there.

Savory Treats

Food-lovers around the globe sing the praises of French cuisine, and there is no better place to enjoy it than the food capital of France, Lyon. In fact, this city has been named the world capital of gastronomy. Start your culinary journey in a local bouchon, as these rustic eateries are only here.

Bouchons offer traditional hearty dishes, allowing you to try some of the best the region has to offer. Home to more restaurants per head than any other French city, you are not short of choices of where to eat.

However, be sure to try some of the local markets as well to sample some of the farm-fresh treats from the area.

Historic Heights

There is no shortage of religious sites in Europe, but perhaps none so unique as the Eastern Orthodox monasteries of Meteora, Greece. These monasteries are built on top of unusual formations and overlook the region at breathtaking heights. To visit, you will need to climb hundreds of steps and wear the appropriate attire to enter.

However, your efforts will be well-rewarded as you view religious treasures, religious iconography, ancient texts and manuscripts, and well-decorated walls, some of which date back as far as the 15000s.

This important historic site offers you an experience you will never forget. Before you leave the region, take the time to visit Theopetra Cave, the world’s oldest man-made structure.

No matter where you go in Europe, there are incredible sites to see and delicious delicacies to taste. Enjoy your travels!