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Do The Effects of Dysport Injection Treatment Last Long?

If you’re thinking of having Dysport injection treatment, then you’re not on your own. That’s because it’s quick, virtually painless, and above all – it works. Derived from the same neurotoxin used in botox injections – botulinum toxin – it’s known to greatly reduce the appearance of glabellar lines that often appear between the eyebrows.

Also known as ‘frown lines’, glabellar lines typically appear due to aging, growing more pronounced and noticeable the older you get. Injectables like Dysport cause these lines to reduce and all it takes are less than half an hour to deliver them.

Contrary to popular belief, each Dysport injection is almost painless and involves little to no recovery time. Even those with sensitive skin can have their face numbed with a topical cream, meaning nothing at all is felt. What’s more, so long as you stay out of the gym and direct sunlight for 24 hours, you should be able to get on with your day as if nothing has happened.

So, How Is It Different from Botox?

As we mentioned at the beginning, Dysport and botox are quite similar in nature and similar in purpose. They’re both used to smooth out wrinkles, although a Dysport injection treatment will focus primarily on the area between the eyebrows. Conversely, Botox is typically used across the whole face.

Another way in which they differ is how long they take to work. Dysport takes around 2-4 days to deliver results, whereas Botox can take as much as 1-2 weeks.

So, How Long Do Dysport Benefits Last?

You started reading this blog to find out how long Dysport treatment lasts after it’s used and so we won’t keep you waiting any longer. The average duration for the benefits lasts around 4-5 months after you’ve had the treatment done.

That said, there are some things you can do to ensure the results last even longer, such as having touch-up injections. What will also help your Dysport injection treatment last longer is a good skincare routine and the daily use of sunscreen? Your dermatologist will tell you more about it at your initial consultation.

Is There Anyone It’s Not Right For?

The truth is that most men and women wanting to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles are going to be good candidates, particularly if the problem covers the brow area. Typically speaking, you’ll also need to be fairly healthy and not allergic to the neurotoxin used.

It’s important to go into having the treatment with an open mind about the results you’ll get, especially as they can vary. You should also bear in mind that some people do experience bruising and redness, but this will usually only last a day or two.

Your Dermatologist is There to Help

So long as you get your Dysport injection treatment delivered by a professional, you’ll have the support of your dermatologist throughout and in between sessions. From your initial treatment, they’re there to guide you and give you advice in the event that you experience the aforementioned after-effects.

You really shouldn’t worry if you’ve been nervous about trying the treatment for yourself. For what is a very quick, simple, and painless option, the benefits are obvious. Worth giving a go, wouldn’t you say?