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Don’t Leave it too Long between Car Maintenance Service

We love our cars and it is very essential for our cars to take them for maintenance. If we don’t provide maintenance to our cars, it will reduce its life. So, servicing is crucial for all vehicles. Servicing is like fuel, if you provide proper maintenance in decent time intervals then you will notice that this will add a few more years to your vehicle.

What if Cars are not Serviced Regularly?

Well, this is the most common question that pops up in everyone’s mind. It is also the most researched question on the internet. However, most of us are familiar with the answer but we want some assurance that is this all matters.

So, here we are with the perfect answers from some experts in this automobile industry. And according to them, it is very important to provide regular service to cars. If you have a new car then it can easily go 30,000 km. On the other hand, for old vehicles, we need to service them once in a year and if the car is very old, we should not exceed beyond six months without maintenance.

However, if your car was serviced two months back and you are facing some issues that are providing you some bad signals then you must check it. You should not delay maintenance once more. Otherwise, this can lead to some serious destruction to your car. Experts say that do not ever ignore any red signals in your vehicles otherwise, you can lose your car.

When does Your Car Need Servicing?

Regular servicing not only makes your car manageable but it also makes it road-legal. Moreover, mechanics check that the indicators work properly, tires are in a good position, & the most important thing that the car is road acceptable. Also, some roadworthy certificates gold coast is available. Servicing also takes care of the health of your car. If any part of the car is deteriorated then servicing lets you replace that part of the car. It will just take a few dollars like between $150-200.

If you have an old vehicle then servicing can also resolve all the hidden problems with the engine and other damaged inner parts. So, servicing plays a vital role in your car’s life. If there is any problem with any of the jammed parts, servicing makes it easier by oiling them. All the deteriorated parts will change.

How can We Take Care of Our Cars?

We have seen that in many situations we do not treat our cars properly. If the car stays unused for a longer period and you need to go on a trip, then take it for servicing. We don’t want our trip to ruin as we stuck in between somewhere on an off track.

Now, let’s discuss some points that are beneficial for us to take care of our precious and lovely cars.

So, here we go.

  • If You are Leaving, don’t Engage the Handbrake

It is recommended not to engage the handbrake when you are leaving. This is a safety tip that is helpful in every means. If you are driving for the next time, you might be in trouble with this handbrake situation. So, it is better to stay out of it.

  • Always Try to Park Your Car Indoors or Use a Car Cover While Parking Outdoors

This is another tip for all the people who love their cars. This will prevent your car from scratching and dust.

  • Cleaning of the Interior is Necessary

Cleaning the interior of the car should be your priority. If your car is messy, collect all the waste wrappers and put them in the dustbin. After that, you can use a vacuum cleaner or something to remove all the dust.

  • Fill Up the Fuel Tank

Always fill your fuel tank. Sometimes there is a situation where you have to leave within a minute or two. So, fueling your tank up will be your lifesaver at that moment.

  • Take Care of the Battery

Make sure that the battery of your car is well greased. Also, make sure that the battery is fully charged and is up to date with the water level.

  • Jacking Up Your Car

Cars that have not been used up for a longer period can get some flat spots on tires. So, make sure that you park the cars on jacks. Use four jacks for this so that the tires are not taking any support.

  • Changing Oil & Filters

Be regular in changing the engine oils. Also, make sure to change air filters. Used oil can consist of some moisture that can erode the metal of the car. So, always change the engine oils.

  • Inflated Tires Prevent Accidents

Low air can lead to more pressure on the car and this is not a good thing. Check for the valve caps for leaks and also check that it fits properly.


In conclusion, car servicing is a must. It is a necessity to provide proper maintenance services timely. We are also here with some tips and tricks that will help you out to take care of your car. So, do take care of your car.

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