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Driver’s License Renewal Laws for Older Drivers

As we grow older, our bodies experience some changes. These changes may affect the quality of our lives and the way we do things. They can impact everyday routines like driving our vehicles from one place to another.

But thankfully, the government of Ontario has the best interests of older adults at heart, and for this reason, it put a driving program in place to ensure that our loved ones can safely drive for as long as possible without challenges.

They have some rules that regulate the renewal of the driver’s licenses of individuals above 80 years.

To understand the requirements for seniors driving license renewal, check this article by Seasons Retirement. This article further discusses the driving license renewal process for older adults over 80 years.

Senior Driver’s License Renewal In Ontario

This Ontario’s age 80 and above license renewal program aims to keep your older loved ones safe by testing their ability to drive a vehicle at 80 years and above still safely.

Once a citizen turns 80 years, they get a letter containing a license renewal form along with instructions on how to go about the license renewal exercise.

Every citizen of Ontario (Canada) above this age is required to go through the process every two years to keep track of their continued ability to operate a vehicle safely.

During the course of this program, activities like written tasks, a group education session, a vision test, and the review of your driving records are carried out. These activities are done to ascertain how eligible older people are to continue operating a vehicle.

On passing the tests or meeting the minimum requirements of the program, a new driver’s license is issued to the older adult, giving them a permit to ride their car for the next two years at most.

Steps Involved In Senior Driver’s License Renewal

In line with how the Ontario driver’s license renewal over 80 works, older persons receive a letter on or shortly before their 80th birthday, informing them of the license renewal program and how to go about it.

Here is a step-by-step guide on the processes involved.

1. Appointment Reservations

After your older loved one must have received their license renewal form; they are required to book an appointment for a session at one of the driving test centers. They can arrange this test online or by calling the toll-free line provided in the letter.

Your parents’ or grandparents’ current license number would be required to make a successful appointment reservation.

It is also important that while they prepare for their session, it should be mentioned if they have any special accommodations, like a sign language or foreign language assistant.

Your older relative would be provided with the date and time of their session. If perhaps, their driver’s license expires before the scheduled date for their appointment, they would be given a temporary driver’s permit to use in the meantime.

They are required to bring along the following to the scheduled session:

  • Their current driver’s license.
  • The license renewal form they got.
  • Their recommended eyeglasses and hearing aids (if they use them).

2. Attending The Session

It is essential for older persons of 80 years and above to attend these sessions if they are interested in renewing their driver’s license. Without making an appearance at their appointment, they would be denied a renewed driver’s license and, in turn, relinquish their right to operate a vehicle.

Certain activities have been planned for your older loved one to participate in at the session, and a refusal to engage in them would result in no license renewal.

Two written tasks, a vision test, a group education session, and a driving record review are carried out during the session.

The first written task involves older persons drawing a clock and establishing a specific time on it, and the second task requires crossing out all the letters ‘H’ on a list of random alphabets.

After that, older adults will be asked to actively participate in the group education session for 45 minutes, on which they will be later quizzed. A vision test would also be conducted on your older loved one as part of the requirements for a senior driver’s license renewal.

To wrap up the appointment, there would be a review of their driving record.

If your older relative successfully scales through these tests and activities, then they are just one step away from getting their renewed driver’s license.

3. Collection Of The Renewed Driver’s License

After attaining a satisfactory grade by the senior driver’s license renewal standard, your older loved one would be issued a renewed driver’s license.

They will be asked to take their written test and vision test results, identification, and medical information to a service Ontario center to collect their new driver’s license.

Note that if one’s performance is not satisfactory, they would be required to take a road test and submit some detailed medical information. These are used to identify older persons who may have specific difficulties affecting their driving abilities.


This article will assist your older loved ones in going through the senior driver’s license renewal program with ease, giving them an idea of what to expect in the program.

They should also read guides like seniors’ guide to transportation to brush up on the basics of driving. This should give them an added advantage when they show up for their session.

The appointments are one-time scheduling, so do well to ensure that your older relative does not miss their appointment. Also, pack up snacks and drinks to munch on as foods might not be available at any of the driving test centers.

There are other options available to older adults who may not have obtained the maximum requirements for license renewal. These options include using community transit services in Ontario, taxis, or public transportation.

This way, your older loved one can still move around town as they please.