Forget edibles, CBD drinkables are the latest trend

For the past year or so, everybody has been talking about the health benefits of CBD. There has been a positive explosion of gels, capsules, creams, and beauty products hitting the shelves. In recent months, CBD has even hit the world of gastronomy, with chefs using CBD oil to cook or in salad dressings.

The very latest trend in CBD, however, takes it into the domain of drinkables. Using this unique cannabinoid as an infusion for your favorite beverage is a logical and effective way to get your daily dose, so it is a little surprising that we have not seen more in the way of CBD drinks sooner. Nevertheless, they have arrived now – let’s see what is available.

CBD Coffee

Coffee shops are never shy about jumping onto the latest bandwagon, so it should come as no surprise that many are starting to offer CBD infusions alongside their gingerbread and rose lattes. The risk here is that CBD is not just another syrup. Your average barista is unlikely to really understand CBD, and the quality of the oil is an important factor. If you want to try some CBD in your cup of Joe, it’s a simple matter to make it at home. It also means you are fully in control of both the type of CBD oil you are ingesting and the dosage.

CBD Soda

If you’ve been busy working out at the gym, or cutting the grass, or even just playing with the kids, there’s nothing like a refreshing soda straight out of the fridge. How do you like the idea of a guilt-free one that contains no sugar but has a 20mg dose of CBD to ease those muscles and help you relax? There are a few CBD sodas on the market, and the good news with these offerings is that you can check the back of the can to find out exactly what kind of CBD has been used, and in what quantity.

CBD Beer

Does your idea of a workout revolve more around exercising the right arm as you sink a couple of cold ones with friends? You can still join the CBD party, and you won’t wake up with a hangover the next morning, as CBD beer is low in alcohol, too. The craft CBD beer from Hop & Hemp, for example, has an alcohol content of just 0.5 percent ABV. But the 8mg of CBD in each bottle will help you unwind at the end of a hard day.

A CBD mixer

How about adding a little CBD goodness to your favorite cocktail? A company called Aurora Elixers has recently brought out a range of mixers that contain 15mg of CBD. At present, there are two varieties, Lavender Spice and Grapefruit Rosemary. They are transparent when it comes to the provenance and traceability of the CBD they use. The drinks are delicious on their own and even better as part of a healthy herbal cocktail.