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Goiania student shoots dead 4 classmates for teasing him

  • Four other students injured during the shooting at the private school in Goiania
  • The shooter pulled out a gun during break between classes and began firing
  • Brazil’s military police said the boy had been arrested and was in custody

A 14-year-old schoolboy killed two classmates after pulling out a gun and opening fire during playtime, according to reports. 

The boy injured four other students during the shooting at the private Colegio Goyases school in Goiania, central Brazil. 

The teenager, who hasn’t been named, is believed to have suffered bullying because ‘he didn’t use deodorant’, according to reports. 

One student who witnesses the shooting told local TV Anhanguera: ‘He just starting shooting at everyone in the class. I held my friend’s hand. I didn’t know what to do.’ 

The private Colegio Goyases school in Goiania, where the boy went on a shooting rampage

Another pupil, aged 15, told Brazil’s G1 website: ‘He suffered bullying, people called him smelly, because he didn’t use deodorant. 

‘In the break between lessons, he pulled out the gun from his rucksack and started to shoot. He didn’t choose his targets. Everybody started running out of the classroom.’ 

The two children he killed were today named as Joao Vitor Gomes e Joao Pedro Calembo. The four injured include three girls and a boy. 

The shooting happened at around midday today after the bell had rung signalling a break between lessons and the teacher had left the room. 

The school in a opulent area of Goania is frequented by children from wealthy families. 

Military police coronel Anesio Barbosa da Cruz told Brazil’s G1 website the boy, whose parents are military policemen, was in custody. 

He added: ‘Preliminary information suggests that he suffered bullying, it became too much, he took the weapon from his home and he opened fire.’


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