History of the engagement rings

Every girl dreams about her engagement ring. It is one of the most admirable things the she can imagine of. The reason is she has to carry it for her entire life. But now the point is how anyone can select it? So in this article, you will get to know about the traditions and little bit history of engagement rings.

History of the engagement rings

One of the exciting histories of engagement rings is very fascinating — what we see today as a token of marriage was just an old sign. It’s too romantic, isn’t it? Luckily, things have changed and we think it is important to send tell you this romantic as a token of love.

An old symbol of love

The ring can be traced back to Ancient Rome like so many of our traditions today. Roman women wear rings of ivory, flint, bone, copper, and iron “to reflect a commercial arrangement or affirm shared affection and obedience”. Gold rings were later discovered in Pompeii ruins, and in the common period, the polished metal was the material of choice.

Shows the marital status of women

This fanaticized engagement ring was formally bestowed only in 850. The engagement ring was the intent of a man to marry in form of the gold ring as the most common material at the time for the rings of betrothal. It was 1477 that Archduke Máximilian of Austria suggested to Mary of Burgundy the first time diamonds appeared in an engagement ring.

The latest trends

We’ve seen a change in the tastes of engagement rings in recent years. Naturally, diamonds are still common, but increasing numbers of brides are preferring colored stones and rings made of specially crafted materials. Prince William picked a beautiful blue sapphire ring for Kate Middleton. In the rose-gold setting, actress Blake Lively was given Ryan Reynolds a light pink oval diamond and Orlando Bloom gave Katy Perry a special ruby in the floral halo pattern.

Men’s engagement ring

The conventional marriage band started to be worn only in the 20th century. Until then, only women had been wearing them, but they also captured them for husbands during the Second World War. The thought was that in moments when they were not confident they would ever see them again, men would bring their loved ones with them. In recent years men’s engagement rings took several different shapes. They are no longer needed, built, or only available in gold, to match the brides. Instead, a range of metals is used and come in different designs, depending on the tastes of the groom. Some have gold, others are plain and clever – all of them have their grace.

Wedding rings in the Catholic

People bear their marriage rings in their right hands in different countries in which Catholicism dominates. One explanation is that some people view the left as evil. Currently, the Latin term on the left is “sinister,” now black. However, this does not extend to all Catholics. While the Dutch Catholics, for example, wear their left ring, Austrian Catholics wear their right ring; and Belgium depends on the region.

Wedding rings in protestants

And if the Protestants always wear their right ring, they are not all. This sentimental notion is that it lies closest to the heart behind the ring on your left ring fingers; that is why many people chose to do that. It depends purely on how romantic you are. It depends. If you can see, there is no “one size fits all” solution to wearing a wedding ring – practically and figuratively. If you pick a special piece of jewelry, you do not only want to think of your heritage and history but your own taste as well. There are many alternatives, but which one is for you?