Horoscope today: Daily guide to what the stars have in store for YOU – September 28, 2023

Confucius wrote: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” Since he was so wise, we can only assume he did a lot of ‘doing’! 

As the Aries Full Moon approaches, there’s something to be said for jumping in the deep end and learning on the job. We’ll tend to rush into experiences (rather than thinking things through). 

As long as decisions aren’t based on emotional overreactions, what we ‘do’, will lead to success.


March 21 – April 20

Something doesn’t feel right. It’s as if you’re caught between a rock and a hard place. And you can’t find an obvious escape route. Yet, uncomfortable though it feels, there is a way out of this situation. The approach of the Full Moon, in your sign, brings fresh perspective. A simple shift of attitude will highlight a way to change a relationship dynamic so that you’re in a much stronger position. If you carefully (and fairly) assess this scenario, you can make a move that liberates you, and places you in a position of power. It’s action time.

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Oscar says as long as decisions aren’t based on emotional overreactions, what we ‘do’, will lead to success


April 21 – May 21

Issues that seemed all important yesterday become today’s dim, distant memory. Well… maybe it takes a bit longer than a day. But with the passage of time, even huge sources of stress lose their impact. If only we could remember this when we’re feeling overwhelmed. It would help us keep things in perspective. But we don’t. We continue to be wound up by things people say, and things people do (and don’t do). As the Full Moon approaches, you’re about to discover that you’ve got far less to worry about than you think.

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May 22 – June 22

The reason we’re not meant to ‘look a gift horse in the mouth’ is because horses have powerful teeth! That’s why there’s no point poking round looking for trouble… more often than not, we’ll find some. If we’re in a critical mood, things hurtle in our direction trying to get our attention. And, once we’ve found fault, it’s hard to change that negative mindset. It hangs around to encourage more negativity. Few things in your world are absolutely perfect. But, if you can project an aura of positivity, you’ll find something that comes close.

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June 23 – July 23

However hard we try to control our judgments; we rarely get them under control. Whether we mean to (or not) we make assumptions about people based on their jobs, their clothes, their houses, and their friends. Yet these tell us next to nothing. Much more important, is how people feel in their hearts. As your ruler, the Moon, grows more powerful, your insight is enhanced. You’re making wise decisions. You know your choices might not lead to financial gains, but you’re following your heart. And that’s the right and best option.

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July 24 – August 23

Sometimes we have no choice: we have to do something because we need to do it. And sometimes, we do things because we enjoy doing them. Since there’s an argument to say that we need to be enjoying life, we could say that we need to do things we enjoy! Unfortunately, we don’t seem to find it easy to prioritise having fun. You can argue with yourself about how you choose to occupy your time today. But, with Venus still in your sign, there’s a surprising amount of fun to be had (no matter what you decide to do).

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August 24 – September 23

When we do something for the first time, it’s a novelty. When we do it again, we start forming a pattern. As we repeat the pattern, we acquire a habit. And, before we know it, we’re doing it so regularly it becomes an addiction! The problem with doing things we can’t stop doing is that they gain power over us. The coming Full Moon enables you to abandon a pattern that no longer serves you. If you focus on the options that could fill that space (rather than what you’re leaving behind), you’ll invite something exciting into your world.

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September 24 – October 23

With the approaching Full Moon in your opposite sign, your instincts are on fire. Every gesture and change of intonation tells you all you need to know about people’s intentions. It’s as close to a superpower as you can get. Don’t be surprised by the number of people turning to you for advice. You’re in hot demand! Leave no room for self-doubt. And if find yourself wondering whether you’ve made a wrong decision, forget it. You’ve done the perfect thing, in the perfect way, at the perfect time. Proof, if you need it, is on its way.

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October 24 – November 22

‘Give thanks and praise to the Lord, and I will feel all right.’ It’s hard not to enjoy Bob Marley’s lyrics. The underlying sense of hopefulness makes us want to dance and sing. Even hard core aetheists know that a sense of awe and wonder enables us to view life from a more inspired viewpoint. So, whether these words are directed towards a deity, or the supreme creative cosmic force, or an imaginary entity, doesn’t really matter. Under the Full Moon, if you reach out to embrace that loving energy today, it will reach out to you.

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As the Aries Full Moon (pictured) approaches, there's something to be said for jumping in the deep end and learning on the job. We'll tend to rush into experiences (rather than thinking things through)

As the Aries Full Moon (pictured) approaches, there’s something to be said for jumping in the deep end and learning on the job. We’ll tend to rush into experiences (rather than thinking things through)


November 23 – December 21

People in commerce make money by buying goods they can sell for a higher price. People in advertising make their money by helping traders present their products as something we need to buy. All we have to do, is keep purchasing… and everything keeps ticking along! But if global commerce is based on this principle, our relationship transactions have an even stranger base. In your emotional life, check to make sure you’re not being asked to pay too high a price for what’s on offer. The Full Moon brings a chance to renegotiate.

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December 22 – January 20

‘Every person has their secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often we call someone cold when they’re only sad.’ I quote this poem in your forecast, because someone in your world is being difficult and unhelpful. It’s frustrating, because you need their input. But they’re dealing with a challenge you know nothing about. The Full Moon enables you to look beyond their behaviour, and react differently. It’s hard to respond to selfishness with generosity. But this person needs support. By being kind, you’ll make a big difference.

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January 21 – February 19

It falls to grownups to teach children the difference between right and wrong. As grownups however, it’s important to realise that few distinctions are so black and white. Some things aren’t as bad as they seem. Others aren’t as good as they look. Recognising that the world exists in shades of grey is not a sign of weakness: it demonstrates appropriate sensitivity. If you take another look at a situation you’ve written off as ‘wrong’ today, and seek beyond the obvious, you’ll find glimpses of rightness that are worth investigating.

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February 20 – March 20

There’s nothing wrong with your magic wand. It hasn’t stopped working. So, stop doubting your ability to wave it and achieve what you want to achieve. It’s magical enough to be able to know when its powers are required (and when you’re just imagining you need to use it). Sometimes, we think we know best (when we don’t). Sometimes, it’s better to fail than to succeed. Sometimes, we think we want something, but it would have a negative impact on our lives. As you’re about to discover, something that feels ‘wrong’ is perfect.

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