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How Amazon is Being Used as a Marketing Tool

If you look around the room you are in, chances are that Amazon is responsible for a number of things you use every day. Books, decor, and even the popular Alexa are all from Amazon, establishing itself at the top of the retail and e-commerce world for its wide range, and wider customer base. What you may not know, is that Amazon is a highly effective marketing tool, and one that can be deployed by smart businesses looking to leverage the brand equity Amazon has already built and put those insights and data to work. Let’s discuss how this is possible, and what you should be including in your next marketing plan.

Amazon data scraping

What if you could tap into the buying behaviour, stock, popularity and spend of Amazon’s customers? This invaluable Amazon scraper information can steer the direction of your future campaigns, or correct any hunches that you had long suspected in your online business. If this is sounding a little too easy, it really is. Rather than manually conducting this research with no assurance it’s correct, Amazon data scraping is automatic, allowing for custom scrapes and exportable data. For a small fee, you can have measurable data to overlay with your products and selling performance. If you are looking to put some money behind an upcoming campaign, first do some scraping to see if this is actually the product people are looking for.

Reviews = user-generated content

Any marketer worth their salt is always looking for content and inspiration in a range of places. Amazon reviews provide a wealth of insight into how customers interact with a product, what they didn’t expect to like, and what could be improved in the future. This user-generated content is absolute gold and should be treated as such. Rather than deciding what the ‘unique selling points’ of your business are around the boardroom table, let your customers tell you! Its’ not like Amazon is light on reviews. On a greater scale, these reviews can help reengineer your offering, but on a day to day scale, they can help you finesse your product descriptions, guide your social captions and revise your tiles and pictures.

Keyword research

Everyone wants to dominate on Amazon, and so sellers have a great number of tools and plugins that have been designed to do just that. There are many platforms you can use that offer a variation of the same thing – keyword insights and rankings, which is the secret sauce to Amazon success. Keyword Inspector is just one of these tools and is hugely popular for its ‘Amazon Suggestion Tool’ which gives sellers the right longtail keywords, and the ‘Amazon Search Terms Optimizer Tool’ that generates the greatest traffic and revenue. The Amazon model thrives because nothing is fixed or stagnant for too long, and so the need to be vigil with keyword trends is critical to success on this platform. You can actually bring these insights into other facets of your business, like your own hosted e-commerce site and marketing campaigns that communicate to your customer base. Amazon provides an enormous sample size, so make sure you are capturing and applying these high-performing keywords.

Marketing looks nothing like it once did, and Amazon is just another way to extract insights that can be used as a marketing tool for your online business. If you are one to simply list your products and wait for the sales, then you may not be using Amazon to its full capacity. Take the time to understand the intricacies of the platform and what plugins and tools you can use to increase visibility and profitability.


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