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How Frontline Health Workers in Combatting the Pandemic

A lot has happened this year, and it can feel like most of it isn’t good. While it wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to say that 2020 hasn’t gone exactly as planned for everyone, there’s still a lot of good in this world to think about. One of these good things is the dedication and hard work that’s being seen all over the world from frontline health workers. They have been the backbone of keeping us safe and show us what courage looks like.

Not many people expected a pandemic to hit, but even with the urgency and suddenness of this crisis, nurses, doctors, physicians, and hospital staff of all kinds have been working tirelessly to keep us safe. This year has also tested the existing abilities of hospitals and other workers who have been on the frontlines, keeping society running. These changes have shown us that healthcare workers are finding ways to help give us the care we need, wherever they are. Here’s how they have provided us with their help and expertise.

Video consultations

It can be scary thinking about going into a hospital or clinic now. Usually, we have to worry about the flu or cold season, but this year has been a completely different story. Going into these places may not seem all that scary for some, but it could be the difference between life or death for others. Being able to get the doctor visit you is important, especially for patients that need to see their doctor and discuss their health. Many clinics were and still aren’t taking in-person visits, but they are offering video consultations as a solution, even for those that are accepting people in. Giving patients the option to get a check-up or discuss questions and concerns through safe means like video chat technology is why even frontline workers can help distance themselves and protect their patients.

Mobile testing sites

Hospitals and clinics are trying to avoid unnecessary visits and overcrowding as much as possible. Doing this can be difficult because people who are deemed essential workers or need to get tested also want to be able to have this done and get their results. Being able to set up mobile testing sites is a huge task, but the trailers from craftsmen ind are allowing safe off-site solutions for these healthcare workers. Keeping only essential patients at hospitals and clinics is necessary for maintaining safe practices for everyone. These mobile testing sites allow healthcare workers to go around and provide accurate results, while also giving people options that can be closer to them. The more these sites are used, the better it will be for keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Contactless solutions

Regarding testing, it’s important for healthcare workers to be able to provide solutions for people that are contactless. Swabbing the nasal cavity is an important process, but they also offer options like temperature readings with digital thermometers that can still allow them to practice distancing, making sure that people feel safe and have their peace of mind while interacting in healthcare settings like hospitals. Automated doors avoid the spread of germs and give healthcare workers a better chance of keeping the workplace safe, and it helps janitorial staff with one less concern. Contactless soap and hand sanitizer dispensers are also being used to keep everyone safe, and it’s a huge need, especially now.

Providing safety information

One of the most important ways that healthcare workers are helping the world combat the pandemic is by providing valuable information. Safety instructions like 6 feet of social distancing, washing hands for 20 seconds and being thorough, sanitizing your hands frequently, and coughing into your elbows teach people how to practice good hygiene. Similarly, showing the effective and proper way to wear masks is also a good thing that healthcare workers are doing to support people around the world. This valuable safety information and hygiene techniques are part of the solution and allowing people to understand how to keep each other healthy. Knowing what to do is half of the battle when it comes to getting through a serious public health crisis, and the combined efforts of healthcare workers from all levels are something we shouldn’t take for granted.

Increased mental health awareness

Hygiene and proper safety information are important, but what’s also an undervalued thing these healthcare workers have provided us is mental health awareness. Mental health affects everyone differently. Some deal with it firsthand, some know someone who has a mental health issue, and others don’t deal with it at all. This problem is widespread, and due to lockdowns and the lack of socialization, many people are struggling to maintain a healthy mindset. Having access to mental health assistance like psychologists, therapists, and counseling has been disrupted greatly, causing huge issues. People are resorting to drugs and alcohol to cope, or aren’t able to communicate their problems as easily, but healthcare workers are providing their support in these troubling times. Not to mention, they are providing good awareness of resources and things people can do at home to maintain some balance in their lives.

Isolating from family

Lastly, and the toughest thing that many healthcare workers are doing to fight the pandemic, is by isolating from family. There are many stories of nurses and doctors coming home and sleeping in the garage or outback to help prevent their families from getting sick. These tireless efforts show us what courage is and help healthcare workers keep their loved ones protected from possible infection. Dealing with this isn’t easy, but they are doing it all to keep everyone around them, strangers or friends, healthy, so they can see their loved ones.

The world has been dealing with a lot this year. The pandemic is likely the biggest issue for many people. It’s hard to think of anything good to say, but thinking about healthcare workers and everything they are dealing with shows us that courage and strength are still out there to be seen and admired.

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